5 Things Tuesday

I still have a couple hours to make it on Tuesday!  West coast time baby!

I’m sorry for all of you who were waiting for a lovely 5 Things Tuesday post earlier today. I know how sad you were when you didn’t get regular dose of my life.  So here goes it:

1  GLEE IS BACK - First things first, friends.  Tonight Glee is back.  And I’m excited.  A few reasons being:

  • Matt Bomer is guest starring as Blaine’s older brother.  A quick nod to NBC’s Chuck - Bryce Larkin.  
  • The fact that they’re covering Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” - frickin awesome.
  • We’re going to find out what happened to Quinn.
  • And according to Twitter … it’s a GOOD episode.  There is crying to be had.

2  BLUE LIKE JAZZ - Looks like the indie flick is finally going to hit theaters soon.  And I’ve heard some really good stuff about the movie from a lot of people.  Although the movie has had it’s precedence for awhile now.  For those of you who don’t know, Blue Like Jazz was a best seller written by Don Miller about 10 years ago.  It’s an amazing book, but more of a collection of essays.  So about 6 years ago they decided to make it into a movie, but since it’s not written with any character in mind they had to do some rewriting so that it could fit a screenplay.  

This whole process became one of my favorite books ever - A Million Miles.  I actually like this book better than Blue Like Jazz, but both are good.  Anyways, the final project, “Blue Like Jazz” the movie has done an initial preview tour but is finally hitting theaters soon.  And I’m excited.  

Go watch it!

3  FACEBOOK BOUGHT INSTAGRAM - Have you guys heard yet?  Facebook bought Instagram for a whopping $1 BILLION.  That is outta control.  

iPhone’s best app for 2011 has sold for A BILLION DOLLARS.  That figure has been crazy to even comprehend.  My friends and I have been discussing it today and we really hope they don’t change it too much.  We love how simple and minimal Instagram is, but we know that Facebook will want to monetize it somehow. Brace yourself for ads. It’s coming.

4 TIME IN SAN DIEGO - I’ve been spending the week with my cousin in San Diego.  We’re walking distance from the beach and it’s been so nice to just enjoy the company of her little family.  I remember hanging out with her when we were little kids laughing all the time over “squished fish in a dish” … now we’re adults. And she has kids.  Man did time sneak up on us.

5  VISITS WITH FRIENDS - While in San Diego, a visit to see Ricky & Tiff with a bonus of Courtney was a given!  And I’m so glad that we did hang out.  Not only did I finally get to meet baby Amos, but I got to catch up with friends and enjoy their great company.  We walked to a nearby park, enjoyed the sun, had a picnic, and watched the Voice. 

I’m so glad to have the opportunity to connect with friends!  Seriously, people enrich lives.  It’s so great.

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