5 Things Tuesday

Sorry I was MIA for awhile folks.  I seriously had to take a break of sorts, but I’m back.  So here are 5 things going on with me:

SUPER INTROVERTED BREAK - So I’m an introvert by nature. What this means is that at times I need to severely get away and have some “alone time.” This means different things for different people.  And usually I can get my regular recharge just by spending an afternoon at the bookstore or coffee shop.  But I don’t know what it is, I needed more than that lately.  And I’ve had these false plans to go to Portland to explore by myself or New York/DC just because or even just go hiking nearby just to physically get away.

But I didn’t do any of that.  Because money is so tight lately, I just stayed home. It was good though. Saying “no” to a few outings is actually really healthy for me.  And so I’ve been cutting back out dining out, skipping out on movies, and just chillin at home. 

Which in my case, meant a lot of FNL and riding the Indo Board (a board balance trainer for surfing).  I know what you’re thinking and I’m going to stop you right there - I’m so not a Californian.

Anyways.  I’m recharged for the most part.  And I should be around more often now.

AWKWARD RETURNS TONIGHT - Dude. I’m super excited for this. Mostly because this is one of MTV’s few good exports (this along with The Challenges).  But I’m ready for this filler since most of our regular TV shows are winding down soon.

Are you a Jake or Matty fan?  I’ve always been a Jake Rosati fan.  Always go for the nice guy.

TIMMY & SARAHBETH GOT MARRIED - So my RELEVANT friendos keep getting married and even though I’m super excited for them, it makes me sort of sad to keep missing the celebrations.

Timmy was our resident graphic designer who played his music way too loud but it was OK because you liked him. And marketing guru Sarahbeth is the chopsticks to our Chinese. Plain and simple. I’m so happy that the two of you are together. Many years of love, laughter, and happiness ahead of you!

SISTER’S BIRTHDAY - Yesterday I attempted to call my tax baby sister to sing her a Happy Birthday Song. Instead I laugh wheezed for about 2 minutes straight without getting a word out.  Classic Jo style.

Happy 22nd birthday little sister!  I was going to use a kiddo photo of you but found this one instead. Money shot.

PRAY FOR BOSTON - My heart goes out to Boston and this tragedy that happened.  Between friends traveling to the area and one whose husband was actually running the marathon yesterday morning - you never know how close an attack across the country really effects you.

Praise God my friends are OK. But still - stuff like this shouldn’t happen. Lord, send Your peace and comfort on that city. In Jesus Name.

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