5 Things Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks. Anything new exciting happen lately? Me neither … pretty ho hum here lately. Which I’m not complaining at all - I’m usually a fan of the low key. 

Right now as I type up this post, my roommate and I are sitting around with our laptops watching “Alias.” What a life we lead. 

Anyways. Here are 5 Things going on right now: 

1  I RECENTLY PURCHASED A TATTLY - The other day I was browsing various Shopify templates (big announcement to come later) and found myself at the Tattly shop

For those of you who don’t know what Tattly is, it’s designy temporary tattoos. Kind of like when you get the fake tattoos at the bottom of the Cracker Jacks box. I found myself impulse buying this particular tat. You get 2 for $5! I’m sending one to my sister. Our parents would totally flip out if we got tattoos. I’m excited about the possibilities here.  

JON ACUFF’S NEW BOOK IS OUT - I only have a few favorite authors/speakers (Donald Miller is a top favorite) but a fairly new favorite is Jon Acuff. His first book, “Quitter” is GREAT. You should read it. And I’ve heard him speak a few times - quality content with the right amount of humor.

Well, he just released his newest book “START” - check it out HERE

THE NEXT RIGHT STEPS - Right now I’m sort of at a crossroads. Between narrowing down the specific type of photography work that I want to do and my bills beckoning my name (student loans - bah!) I’m thinking about moonlighting as a waitress.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make ends meet. I waited tables all throughout college, so I guess this would be me waiting tables to help pay for college. At least for the time being. Every bit helps.

This will have to do for now until I [fingers crossed] get a photography agent. I feel like those are the next right steps. So yeah. Keep me in your prayers! 


EVERY DAY IS A TINY BOBA DAY - You guys, I think I’ve reached a new level of Asian-ness. I’ve been drinking Boba y’all. BOBA. I remember my aunt introducing my sister and I to this about 10 years ago and we were like “um no thanks.”

And now, a decade later, I find myself going to Sawtelle all the time for Boba. That place is always popping. It’s kind of dangerous how close it is … that and Blockheads?! And the Kogi Food Truck every Thursday?!  

OMG. I’m getting hungry now.

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