5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends.  12 Days Til Christmas!!  Are you guys counting down … ?  

Boom - 5 things.

1  HELP PORTRAIT - This past weekend was Help Portrait and I totally forgot … I had jotted it down in my planner to hopefully join that movement this year.  But I’m a slacker and therefore I failed.  Next year, I will plan ahead and I will rock that biz.  It’s a simple but beautiful project.  And I totally remember when I first heard about but did nothing.  Because I’m lame sauce.  But next year … I’ll help!  

Find someone in need.  Take their portrait.  Print their portrait.  Deliver it to them.  Winning.

2  BALLET RECITAL - This is taken from this past weekend at my little cousin’s ballet recital.  She was so frickin’ cute … and my little cousin Jonah was all hip-hop talented.  Must be the Asian in him :)

3  I HAVE A NEW STOREFRONT - I spent a lot of this weekend moving stuff over to Big Cartel.  Check it out yo!  And buy some magnets … they make for great stocking stuffers :)

I’m just happy to finally do it.  Been meaning to make everything one cohesive brand of sorts.  Everything is handmade and one of a kind!  

4  APPARENTLY TIM TEBOW IS THE BOMB RIGHT NOW - and I should probably be watching … but I haven’t.  I love football and it’s true I used to live in Florida.  But all this hubbub about Tim Tebow & his faith & how he plays ball, all of it is equally awesome and whatev.  

I did work for PRPL for a hot second and help setup the Tim Tebow Foundation site/social networks.  And all I heard was that Timmy was the nicest guy ever.  That’s always good to hear … that all this is genuine.  And that he’s a hardcore QB.  Rock on.


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