5 Things Tuesday

This last week was the first non-wedding/family related week in California. So I guess this is what normalcy will be like for awhile. Here’s how it’s been so far:

1  IN GREAT COMPANY - Since moving here I have been surrounded by great people. I have family here, which makes things a lot easier but they’re all sort of far away. And me being without a car makes things difficult to see them. But I have good friends in the area. Had a night out with the roommates and a weekend with some HA alumni. It’s so weird how many people are around here. But it’s so good to catch up with each of them.It makes such a huge difference to be around people you know when you get to a new place.  

2  CHURCH / REALITY LA - So my real good friends, Danny and Rochelle, took me to their church in Hollywood. And right away I saw another alumni, Luis Villafranca. How exciting! Besides seeing Luis in Greek awhile back, I haven’t seen this kid in years. So that was kind of cool to catch up.

Anyways, church was REALLY good and I’m glad to have gone. It’s kind of nice when you find a church right away. And it’s built on community, so that’s good. I’m ready to jump in a small group and get going. It seems like a great place to make friends. It’s kind of a young, hipster church - which is what I’m comfortable with (I came from Florida, capital of hipster people).  

3  GLEE STEPS AND DUNDER MIFFLIN - LA is saturated with the entertainment industry, which is all new and fascinating to me. I love TV and it’s so weird being surrounded by other people who love it as much as I do. But anyways, the church that I went to is actually held at a high school here. And I walked in and was like “these are Glee’s steps … it has to be.”  

And It’s been confirmed. That same high school is where Glee is filmed at. So crazy. Not only that, my friends live down the street from Dunder Mifflin. So weird!

4  IN-N-OUT BURGER - After church my friends took me to a little place called In-N-Out Burger. It was my first time going, which I don’t know why since I grew up visiting California all the time. Anyways, it was delicious and I took an Instagram pic of it and tons of people commented on it. So weird that that’s what was most popular out of my posts.  

5  IT’S FAT TUESDAY YO - And I’m bouts to get some pancakes. I still got a bit of southern girl in me. So my roommate and I will probably walk over to IHOP and order a stack.  

I haven’t decided if I’m giving up anything for Lent. The last two years I have. I didn’t grow up observing Advent or Lent (besides the Advent chocolate calendar), but I’m starting to do so. It’s a good thing I’m checking out a new small group tomorrow night for Ash Wednesday. We’ll see what happens.


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