5 Things Tuesday

Technically it’s after midnight and it’s officially Wednesday, but I would have had this done about hours ago if it weren’t for a silly iPhone update that stalled my life for the past 90 minutes. 

Seriously - that wasn’t fun. 

Had a little scare there. Things got lost and then restored again. All is OK again andnow I’m clear to do this 5TT post. Although I do have to apologize for the sheer fact that I’ve been mad slacking on the posting. I’ve been partially busy, partly just tired. Anyways - here goes it:

1  EARLY TO RISE - If you know me at all, you know that I’m a hardcore night owl. Late hours are pretty much my best hours for productivity and this freelance life has allowed me to sleep in on most days.

But for some reason this past week I’ve had to wake up super early like everyday. And I don’t like that at all. It’s stupid. But I guess that’s what happens when you take on certain projects and such.

I’m really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

2  JO, SET DESIGNER EXTRAORDINAIRE - Last week I randomly found myself at the Universal Studios prop department picking out items for a shoot. I still ask myself how that happened … The answer is always so simple: my super talented director friend needed someone to do set design and I totally jumped on the opportunity.

And well on Sunday, I actually was there working on set and saw first-hand actual filming of a commercial. And it was so cool to watch! I cannot wait to show you the final product.

Plus, I really liked doing set design. It wasn’t really anything I’ve considered before, but I definitely think it’s something I see on my resume of the many things I do. What do you think? Does it look like a 1920’s warehouse desk space?

3  THIS SERIOUSLY TRIPS ME OUT - My night owl roommate, Katie, shared this gem with me. And dude - it TOTALLY trips me out. I stared at it for such a long time.

How is she going both clockwise and counter-clockwise?!

4  MY ROOMMATE ANDI SHOULD HAVE HER OWN REALITY TV SHOW - It has been decided that my roommate, Andi, should have her own reality TV show. Because it would be HILARIOUS. It wouldn’t be ridiculous drama-reality TV. It would be more along the lines of “Duck Dynasty.” 

I mean, she didn’t become a stand-up comedian like her dad wanted. But she’s still hysterical by nature and we live in LA. So a reality show isn’t too far-fetched … especially since she works at a media company. Just pitch the idea to your boss ;)

Seriously, wouldn’t you watch a show featuring this girl?!

5  IN OTHER NEWS, I HAVE TO REGAIN CONTROL OF MY LIFE AGAIN - I feel like I’m a little off kilter right now since I’m not really running or reading much. And it took me til this last weekend to bake something. I’m just really out off my game or something, like I never fully came back from vacation or whatnot. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I’ve really got to shake it and get my mind/body/spirit back on track. I feel very ORU saying that … I need to get the whole man back in check. Because I’m all sorts of not that right now. It’s been two months of feeling this way. Time to do something about it.

So this is my weekly goal declaration (keep me accountable for next week’s 5TT post!):

  • GOAL #1 (Mind): Read! Turn off the TV and read something. Measurable goal of 30 minutes a day.  
  • GOAL #2 (Body):  Run!  At least 3x this week.  And eat more fruits and vegetables. I need more of this in my life.
  • GOAL #3 (Spirit):  Catch up on past church sermons (because of Disneyland and the commercial shoot, I’m 2 weeks behind). 


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