5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends.  I’ve kind of had an awesome week last week, so here’s a quick recap:

1  CATALYST CONFERENCE SCORE - So awhile ago I put in an inquiry about the Catalyst Conference that’s happening here mid April. And at the kind courtesy of their team, I got a phone call and realized that the person on the other end went to ORU.  Small world!

We got to talking.  I told her how I just moved to LA and was still figuring out how life was going to come together here … and she hit me back telling me about the Catalyst Scholarship.  She knew that things would be tight for me with the transition, so I filled out the app and sent it back.  A few days later I got a phone call telling me that I won the scholarship!  

I’m really excited! Some of my favorite speakers and worship leaders will be there. 

Including:  Donald Miller, Jon Acuff, Britt Merrick, Gungor, Jeremy Cowart, Carlos Whittaker … and more.  It’s like a $300 value that I’m getting for free.  What a blessing! 

2  THE SURPRISES DIDN’T STOP THERE - The most random thing happened on Saturday. I met up my new small group friends at a park and spent the rest of the afternoon with a one of them, Lauren.  She and I went to Venice and got some Hawaiian shaved ice (delish!) and on the way back we got to talking about my love for baking. 

And then she was like “OMG - I have a Kitchenaid Mixer!  You can use it … it’s just sitting at my parent’s house not doing anything!”  So I randomly have a pretty fairly new beautiful white Kitchenaid Mixer in my possession. Totally unexpected blessing!

I feel like I’m being reunited or something.  I sold mine when I left Florida two years ago.  And I’ve been sad ever since.  But now I have this one.  On loan of course, but still! I’m going to bake!  Who wants a cookie package??

3  MOST RANDOM BUT AWESOME DAY - On Thursday I hung out with my cousin, Mike as we basically winged the entire day but it turn out to be amazing.  

We first went to the Getty Museum and checked out all the exhibits (the photography one was my favorite).  Had my first food truck experience (grilled cheese + tater tots = yum!).  Hollywood - including Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame, and Kodak Theater. Beverly Hills to see the current roommate at work. Home to rest a bit.  Then Hard Rock Cafe to see the old roommate play live (which was awesome).  

Good times!

4   SO I DECIDED WHAT TO GIVE UP FOR LENT - I’m not reading blogs for 40 days. That’s right. I’m giving up my Google Reader. It’s unreal how much time I spend reading about other people’s lives and not really engaging in what’s going on around me. 

I’m only a few days in, but it’s freed up a lot of time. I’ve been reading both my Bible and one of my books, Entreleadership. Meeting new people in the area and getting to know them. (I sort of jumped into a small group right away and met the coolest/nicest people ever.) 

I’m told that LA can easily eat you alive if you’re not careful. I’m kind of super thankful to run into nice people right off the bat. It sure does help with the transition!

5  VIDEOS - I didn’t know which one to share … Dubstep Hipster Cat or KevJumba.  Let’s go with both.  Enjoy!


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