5 Things Tuesday

1  INTERACTIVE NEW GIRL VIDEO - if you’re a big fan of Zooey Deschanel’s show “New Girl” then you might like this new interactive music video of the show’s theme song.  It’s so cute!  And you get to choose where the video goes.  There’s so many different choices to go through - it’s quite adventurous!  I’ve already watched the video 4 times, trying out each of the party themes.  But I could probably keep going since there are over 900 ways to watch it.  

I’m kind of digging the new Interactive Video thing.  First Madewell did one for Christmas and now this one.  I love the concept and it’s tons of fun … I love creative marketing at its best!

2  SPEAKING OF ZOOEY - this is totally happening this coming weekend.  Awesome.

3  OMG CUTEST BABY EVER - This is my friend’s little baby, Amos.  Isn’t he a cutie??  Check out the whole “King of the kitchen” photo series HERE.

4 KENDI LEA’S NEW ONLINE STORE IS UP - I’ve love this girl’s style for quite a while.  I wish my wardrobe was made up of all the clothes featured on her blog.  Well her storefront opened up recently but it’s all the way in Dallas.  Too far.  At least now she has an online storefront now (site by Moxee - another one of my favorite bloggers) … and it’s hot.  You should check it out HERE.

I still need to do a 30x30 Remix.  I should add that to my To-Do list for 2012.  Yes. 

5  A DAY IN DOWNTOWN SEATTLE - My sister and I took our cousins out to visit the city and see the main touristy Seattle sites.  You know, the Pike’s Place Market, the first Starbucks, the Gum Wall, the Space Needle.  We took tons of pictures, added gum to the wall, and overlooked the city from up top.  Lemme just say, being up in the Needle isn’t as nearly as scary as it was when I was 8.  I handled it much better this time :)

And since this is my last time seeing the city as a local (b/c I’m moving) I’m glad to have squeezed it in now.  Seattle - I love you.

That’s it for now folks!  HAPPY TUESDAY :)

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