5 Things Tuesday

Hello. Happy TV-less Tuesday. It’s week 2 of my non-watching TV-ness and I’m doing OK. 

Granted my mind has been reeling over the last half of Breaking Bad Season 5 (I’m on episode 9 … and I have to wait until tomorrow to continue). Patience is virtue. Patience is a virtue. And a fruit of the Spirit. So is self control.

Anyways. Here’s 5 things going on with me:

DOUBLE THE SETH GODIN. TRIPLE ACTUALLY - Since I’m forfeiting the television a bit, I decided I should read more. But I didn’t have any books on hand. So I walked to the neighborhood library - which is TINY.   I did managed to find two books by Seth Godin. Love me some marketing wisdom.  

Somehow I forgot that I also signed up for Seth Godin’s class on Skillshare.  I’m basically getting a crash course on proper marketing principles. I guess that’s a good thing if I want to grow my business!  

Side note: I just noticed that his Skillshare class has over 6,000 participants. That’s crazy! If you’re at all interested, you should do it. It’s only $19.  

2  NOT SO UNIQUE - Last week my friend and I checked out this co-working space downtown. The idea of it is amazing: beautiful offices, brick walls, shared space to work, creative atmosphere, a hub for collaboration, etc etc. Which it is all those things. And I love all those things. But it’s downtown.

Which is far. 

And annoying. The commute. Ugh. 

So even though I have 3 more days to my trial work week, I don’t think I’m going to use it. Because it’s not worth it. I really need to find something here on the west side. It would be bomb if we could find something for us. I’m pretty sure we could rock our own creative studio space.  

I’ve always been looking, but seriously I’m going to really start looking.  Who’s in with me?

3  PALEYFEST - Even though a lot of people are excited about Coachella’s lineup, I’m more excited about the Paleyfest lineup!

They’re having a Veronica Mars reunion. Seriously, guys. SRSLY.

And How I Met Your Mother?! Like for realz. I need to be there. And Pretty Little Liars and The Mindy Project and more. So many shows. I’m liking the idea of Paleyfest being an annual thing.

4  THIS - Seriously. This is the best. 

5  THE SEAHAWKS. DUH.  This Sunday. Championship game. San Francisco. WHADDUP.

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