5 Things Tuesday

1  CHUCK FINALE - This week marks the series finale for NBC’s Chuck.  I have been a huge fan ever since Zac Levi was the cover story for our Jan/Feb issue.  I started to watch the series out of “market research” for the mag and ended up loving the show.

After a few “save the show” campaigns and a lovely sponsorship by Subway, we have 5 complete seasons.  The two hour finale airs this Friday.  I’m going to be watching.

2  BILLY ON THE STREET - I was flipping through channels the other day and landed upon the new Funny or Die show on Fuse.  It’s sort of like Cash Cab with it’s random trivia for cash in busy Manhattan.  But it’s more pop culture questions with a twist of the subjective.  The host, Billy Eichner, is spontaneous and a bit crazy.  But it results in a hilarious show.

I definitely did some laughing.  And shouting the answers at my TV.  That’s how I do.  

3  SCRAMBLE WITH FRIENDS - so I started playing this game on my iPhone.  And honestly it’s pretty addictive.  My friend’s husband extended a FB invite to play him so I have like 3 games going with him right now.  Because I’m determined to beat him!  

I can’t seem to beat him or my sister.  They’re just too good.  It’s annoying!  It’s a good thing this version makes you pay “tokens” in order to play.  I have to wait 20 minutes in between new tokens … so it limits my playing time.  Thank you Zynga for designing it that way.  

Anyways.  Play me!  My user name is “joannegarcia”

4  A DAMIAN/CAMERON VIDEO - these two were my favorite in the Glee Project.  Here’s an awesome acoustic cover of The Script’s “If you ever come back.”  Check it.

5  DONE WITH BOSSYPANTS, ON TO ENTRELEADERSHIP - I love media and the art of story telling through television/movies a lot.  That’s why the two new books that I got were so exciting.  But I’m also a business nerd at heart.  So I’m going to read Dave Ramsey’s newest book “Entreleadership” before heading over to Mindy Kaling’s book.

I’m excited.  I could use some guidance for my business / entrepreneurship / leadership life.  

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