5 Things Tuesday

Crunch time folks. I’ve got an hour to pump out a 5TT post. So here goes it!

1  SAT NEXT TO RUSSELL CROWE AT IN-N-OUT - Randomness. Went to In-N-Out to have dinner with friends where no one really showed up. But that’s OK because RUSSELL CROWE did. So crazy. I didn’t even realize it was him until about 20 minutes after he sat down. 

As soon as I recognized him, I pretty much went into star-struck mode and freaked out. No, I did not ask him to sing any Les Mis songs. And no I didn’t ask for a picture. We just sat there in shock literally a few feet away from him as he sat in his tux and ate his burger and fries.

It was awesome and surreal. Thank you LA for reminding me that I live in this crazy city where celebrities are just like people. This Instagram pic garnered over 50 likes (the most I’ve ever gotten on a single photo). So crazy.

2  I MISSED THE LONELY ISLAND - Having Andy Samberg and the rest of the guys appear on last weeks episode of SNL made me really miss them. They have a very particular humor that literally makes me laugh of loud. 

And posting that YOLO video as the Monday Music Share this week really just got me going on the old school videos. Not just the old Digital Shorts, but like their really old videos. From back back in the day. They’re so stupid but so funny. 

So I dug up a favorite and wanted to share it to you guys. Just think - these 3 guys won an Emmy for “D*ck in a Box.” Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. 

3  SPEAKING OF PEOPLE I MISS ON SNL - John Mulaney is popping up everywhere. If you know what I’m saying. Dude’s got a 3 picture deal sometime in the near future and rolling out a new sitcom with NBC. 

DUDE I’m so excited! He is probably one of my favorite comedians ever. Hilarious.

4  I MADE A NEW SCARF AND I’VE DECIDED THAT I REALLY LIKE IT - I’ve been feeling the need to be artsy crafty. So I multitasked my Buffy marathon watching with a bit of crocheting and cooked up this saucy little number. 

It’s red. And it’s a wrap-around infinity scarf. And it didn’t take me too long to make it. So if you’d want one, just let me know. We can work something out :)

Sorry I look so ghetto. I had an early morning but I wanted to grab a quick pic of it.  

5  SENIOR PORTRAITS CONUNDRUM - All throughout January I’ve been mapping out my marketing strategies for photography and I’ve stumbled across quite a hiccup. By this time I was hoping to really capitalize on the fact that senior portraits were going to be rolling in.

You know, the full fledge customized portrait sessions for high school seniors. Apparently this is not a common thing among LA schools. They don’t do senior portraits here. So I’m not sure how to get that ball rolling quite yet or how to even get the first 10 high schoolers. But I want to tap into it somehow. 

If you have any brilliant ideas and/or know of a high schooler in LA, please let me know! I’m willing to cut a deal to get some momentum. I’m for serious.

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