5 Things Summer To-Do List

I know that we’re already halfway through summer but I realized yesterday that I never was fully aware of the typical things I do each summer. I’ve shared my Christmas Movie List awhile back, so I figured something similar here with summer to-do’s.  

1  (500) Days of Summer - It’s summertime. Her name is Summer. There’s kitschy dance numbers and illustrated birds in the film. What’s not to love? 

BONUS: Who knew that was Lyla Garrity at the end who played Autumn? I kind of like it.

2  Pool Parties & Outdoor Movies - When I lived in Florida I threw some bomb pool parties. Friends, food, pink kayaks, and an outdoor movie projected on the side of my little cottage.  It was amazing.

I can’t exactly do that now, but maybe one day. Although LA does have Eat See Hear (outdoor movies) and they’re playing The Breakfast Club later this summer.  Yes.

3  Ice CreamLA is weird about their ice cream.  Not a fan of some of the local fav spots.  But there are two places here that have great ice cream:

  • Baskin Robbins - classic. delicious. 31 flavors.
  • Sprinkles Ice Cream - they sprinkle cupcake bits on it!

Although, if I had my way I’d go to Seattle for some Molly Moon’s. Yum.

4  BBQ’s & Bonfires - What’s summer without a BBQ? Seriously, grills some patties and bratwurst. Hang out with friends. Best.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a beach bonfire, but those are always fun. Plus, you get to make s’mores!

5  A Summer Getaway - Lastly, you need a little summer vacay. Somewhere new and different from where you can unplug and rest. 

Summer Sister Trips are the best.  We’ve already gone to New York and Portland, this year we’re going to Boston.  Excited.

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