5 Things (Post East Coast Jet Lag)

Hello friends.

I started this 5TT post last week when I was majorly jet-lagged. I managed to muster up an outline of things to write about but hadn’t the strength to actually flesh it out a bit.

So here I am, on a late Wednesday night with the crazy second wind that sometimes comes out of nowhere. Here goes nothing: 5 Things (Post East Coast Jet Lag Edition).

1  NOT MEANT FOR WALKING - So a couple weeks ago I hopped on a plane and flew over to the east coast. Spent 4 days in Washington DC and then a couple days in NYC. What an amazing trip! Full of the best people. Incredible sights. Great food. Fireworks. And tons and tons of walking.

I mean, like tons of walking.

I thought I came prepared. Better shoes. Better clothes. Did some stretching (not really). But boy, I was not ready for this. We walked SO MUCH. And it was so humid. Ugh. It was the worst.

But I appreciate the proximity of everything in these cities. And I love the subway system. But honestly, I was super excited to come home to Los Angeles and be in a car again. Oh driving, you’re pretty swell. I like you.

2  I SHOULD BUY MORE DRESSES - It’s been decided (although I’m not sure how well I’ll follow through on this) that I should definitely buy more dresses.

Being in the east coast humidity made me realize that I should probably have something a bit more conducive to stupid hot weather, ie. dresses. They’re more flowy and breathable. And great for travel. And dresses are just cuter. What can I say? Sometimes it’s nice being a girl.

3  TIME OFF IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL - So being away was actually pretty nice. I was able to unplug for a bit. I really need to do that every now and then to just recalibrate my brain. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily routine of just doing.  

I managed to really just not work for about two weeks. Technically it was only supposed to be one week, but jet-lag messed me up.

What did I learn in my time away? That I don’t necessarily like taking travel pics. 

I know that’s a big sector of photography, but it’s just not really my style. I just don’t like taking photos if people aren’t really in them. I’m more of a lifestyle/portrait gal. And food. I like food photography. 

Let’s do more of those.

4  BACK ON SET - So some new news and some old news. For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve done a few production things for various film projects. Last year I did some production design for a commercial (still haven’t seen it …) that led to doing a two-episode stint for a pilot project.

We’re finally going to premiere the episodes in a couple weeks! How exciting :)

And then this week I was pulled to do production stills for a short. So life back on set (sort of). Long hours. But less prep. I just showed up and shot (as opposed to doing production design which is a lot more work).

Either way, I’m super excited about this film project too. Can’t wait to share it with you guys when it’s done! 

5  I WANT THIS - I’ve been racking my brain for a really good #5 here and I came up bone dry. So I’m going the more shallow route to say that I want this bag. Someone buy it for me. Or win it. I think Lucky Magazine is doing a giveaway or something.

But it’s a designlovefest bag. Which is awesome.

And it’s perfect for those days you need a tote for grocery shopping (since Los Angeles is all super green / plastic bags are the enemy). I’d love to have this bag in my life.

And while we’re at it, I’d love an ONA bag too. Please & thank you.

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