5 Things Tuesday

It’s 10:34 on Tuesday night … I’m totally failing at this weekly post.  It’s been a loooonnnngg day.  

But it’s OK.  I’m here.  Let’s do this!

1  MY FIRST COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY GIG IS A WRAP - And they loved it!  I woke up this morning with a newsletter from Wittlebee with my pic featured in it.  It’s a really simple photo but it’s still my work out there. So yeah. Winning.

Can’t wait to get more jobs from this. Go Team!

2  APPLE BREAK DURING A RUSH ORDER - I had to get this order in super quick because it was rushed (they were featured on the Today Show!). So that was super sweet, but it didn’t leave much room for anything exciting to happen in my life this week.

Although I did get to go to a DJ event in the Apple Store with a bunch of my friends. The night consisted of rad music, some dancing, really random YouTube videos, and a “Happy Birthday” serenade to Rocky. It was a great break in the middle of my super work-filled weekend.

3  IN GOOD COMPANY - My roommates’ friends are in town and it’s a full house here at Chateau Jo/Andi/Kris. But it’s all good since the girls are fun. They’ve been out and about sight-seeing LA. And I’ve been stuck at home working. But it’s OK in the evenings because we’ve been watching movies. Including:

  • “Up” - straight up bawled (AGAIN) within the first 15 minutes
  • “Hot Rod” - quoted basically the whole thing
  • “Bridesmaids” - so great, especially the second time around
  • “21 Jump Street” - hellz yeah.  let’s do this.  

I like movies. Actually I’m watching “21 Jump Street” right now. So we’ll see if it’s good.

4  I REALLY LIKE THIS ALBUM - It’s basically been on repeat for quite some time. And I also bought a few new books. So I’m excited about that. I’m definitely going to get some reading done on the plane tomorrow.  

5  EN ROUTE TO CHICAGO - Tomorrow I’m headed off to Chicago to attend my staff retreat with SEOperks! It’s kind of awesome to think that I’ll get to see my co-workers in person! For the past year, I’ve only seen these people (minus my boss Nate) in Google Chat. It’s real work we’re doing, just all from home. Across the country. So this is going to be a great weekend! Yeah!

Also - I’ll be able to hang out with my old roommate, Christa. Although I call her “Swedish” (she calls me “Asian”). Technically we called all our roommates by their ethnicity.  

Anyways - yeah Chicago! Bring on the Garrett’s Popcorn!

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