5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends. It’s 10:54 at night. And this is my first opportunity to sit down and write my 5 Things Post.  

Oh busyness.  

Anyways. Here goes it. 5 Things.

1  BEST MISSED CONNECTION EVER - I once found a Missed Connection post about a guy I swear was talking about my friend Theresa. Something about seeing her at Stardust reading a book and wanting to crawl in her gray shirt and have her hold him forever. It was really strange, but I thought it was hysterical. Especially since we were really at Stardust that Saturday and T was wearing a gray shirt and reading a book.

Anyways, this Missed Connection just may have beat that. Please click to read the actual post. (PS - a Publix is a grocery store.  I really miss Publix.)

2  BUSY BUSY WEEK - I’ve only just got back to LA and my calendar is already packed with people to meet and hang out with. I’m going to a Creative LA Meetup, a concert with a college friend, grab some Yuengling with my FL buddies in North Hollywood - and hopefully end up at this craft fair. 

I just love crafts. And well everything else stated above. Yes.

3  COFFEE SERVED UP BY A COUPLE CELEBRITIES - A few days ago was truly a day I wish I still lived in Seattle. I heard through Instagram that Will Farrell and Zack Galifinakis was going to actually serve coffee at a local coffee shop in downtown Seattle. And anyone can go and meet them. So crazy.

Anyways. I couldn’t go. My sister couldn’t go. But one of my favorite photographers did. And he definitely took these awesome shots (probably 1000x better than what I would catch on my mobile phone).

4  SPEAKING OF SEATTLE, ICHIRO WAS TRADED TO THE YANKEES - I really really debated on which picture to use here. I want to be true to the M’s (you know, SoDo with the Mojo). But this is the now. Ichiro Suzuki is a New York Yankee. Probably one of my least favorite teams of any type of sport.

I’m so torn. It’s just wrong. Ugh.

5  LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I JUST GOT BACK FROM LAKE GENEVA (SLASH CHICAGO) - I spent a week hanging out with my virtual office team, SEOperks, on our semi annual staff retreat.  

I had such a great time meeting people in real life (they’re all really tall!), had a day out on the boat, hit up the big city, went to Second City, grabbed some Garrett’s Popcorn, and definitely had me some quality time galore with my old roommate, Christa (whom I like to call “Swedish” - don’t worry, she calls me “Asian”).

Anyways, great times! But I’m sooooo catching up on work right now. So much work to be done!

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