5 Things Tuesday

Hi friends. I’m writing today’s 5TT post from my friends’ living room in Tulsa, OK. We’ve just begun the second half of the NBA Finals.

No worries though. I’ll still get this post out! Hmmm. What’s new with me?

1  A MUCH NEEDED VACATION - I’m here in Tulsa and I’m happy to say that I’ve done much resting. I think I really, really needed it.

Granted, I shot a wedding. So technically this trip has been partial work. But also it’s been rest. Hanging out with friends, watching a lot of TV, seriously just turning my brain off of all the million things I need to do. It’s been nice.

A PLUS FOR ME: Out of the handful of friends I did see, I realized that I shot almost all of their weddings. It’s so crazy how things come full circle like that. It was cool visiting their homes and seeing pictures I took framed on their walls or blown up as canvases. Mini proud moments here and there :)

THIS IS THE END - While on vacation, my friends and I watched the newest stoner comedy from Seth Rogen & Friends. And I just have to say that this movie was hilarious!

Granted. There are some inappropriate parts and some satirical parts pertaining to the apocalypse. But seriously, set that aside and you get a ton of funny stuff. The main cast was amazing plus you had the massive amounts of celebrity cameos throughout the movie (seriously, I’ll never look at Channing Tatum the same again). The soundtrack was great too and you learn a lot about friendship and sacrifice. It’s a win/win.

My favorite part in the movie has to be the part featured in this trailer (with Kevin Hart and Aziz Ansari).

ROXY SHARES ON TWLOHA.COM - So you have to read this post that my friend Roxy wrote for To Write Love On Her Arms. It was just so raw and real that it made me wish we still lived in the same town so I could have coffee dates with her and share about life.

I know it’s been a tough couple years for her (and for a lot of us), but it’s good to know that she has been getting the support she needs and also finding solace in writing as well. I can attest, writing is very therapeutic. So is talking it out. So I’m thankful for both of those things. Because sometimes in this digital age we tend to only show the good things in life and not really bare any of our struggles. That’s why having friends is a good thing.

I’m thankful for my friends.

NEW MUSIC RELEASES - I need to catch up on the new music. But there’s a little bit of everything coming out lately and I haven’t even had time to write up a Monday Music Share post. I really want it to be something worthwhile when I share a hand-selected music video.

But Vampire Weekend just came out with a new album and I hear that it’s awesome. She & Him just came out with Volume 3 not that long ago. And CSS just came out with their new album.  Kanye just came out with Yeezus today. And well, Foster the People is working on new stuff too.

It kind of makes me miss when other people curated my music. I miss Parker’s Playlist.

THIS WEEK’S PHOTOGRAPHY INSPIRATION - Famous faces blended with modern day counterparts. This truly fascinated me!

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