5 Things Thursday

Sorry I’ve been such a slacker. Last week was such a busy week that by the time Tuesday rolled around, I completely crashed. But I’m back. A little bit more refreshed.

OK here we go. Five things.

1  HOLLYWOOD EVERYDAY - My sister came to visit last week and we found ourselves in Hollywood pretty much every day that she was here. Which is odd because I don’t normally go to Hollywood outside of just Sundays for church.

But we went to Paleyfest twice and hiked up to the Hollywood sign. We fit in a day at Disneyland too. And UCB. And a visit at Warner Bros. Burgers at Plan Check. Blockheads. You know, all the essentials. 

SPEAKING OF DISNEYLAND - I bought two more fun props for the photo booth: the classic Mickey Ears and the glittery Minnie Ears. These are going to be great for future events (or for sister pics). 

MY FAVORITE THING WE DID THIS WEEK WAS UCB’S ASSSSCAT SHOW - There are so many things to do in LA and most of them are quite costly. The crazy part is that out of everything we did, my favorite thing was an improv show at UCB. They are SO FUNNY!

The show we went to had some girl from MTV’s Girl Code (which I’ve only seen once) and Zach Woods from The Office (he is hilarious) and a bunch of other people that were hysterical. Anytime anyone visits me, know that UCB will always be on the itinerary!

ST PATTY’S DAY EARTHQUAKE - We had an earthquake on Monday morning! It was a 4.4 earthquake that shook pretty much every one awake. Even though I was in alert mode (I shot out of bed to check on everyone … they were OK), the best is this news anchor’s reaction:

TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING - Everyone is celebrating it in style (which is awesome) but it’s a little bit like “oh OK, we’ve had spring/summer here for awhile now … so it’s more like Thursday than it is the first day of spring.”

Cheers to the rest of you! For having warm weather again. Hooray!

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