5 Things Tuesday

Sorry for the late start … I honestly was reading Hunger Games and was caught up.  And then I was like “goodness, I haven’t even written my post yet for today.”  So here goes it.

1  INSTAGRAM IS AVAILABLE FOR ANDROIDS NOW - After much waited anticipation, the best photography app is now available for Androids. As much as I love exclusivity, I’m glad the rest of the world can join us in the Instagram world.  

I was wondering why I was getting a million new notices of people joining. Now it all makes sense.  

2  A NOMAD OF SORTS - Because of a slight housing hiccup, I’m staying with my aunt in Temecula. It’ll only be for a month, and I’ll be back in west LA at the very end of April.  It’s kind of nice because I get to spend time with my cousins and their little ones.  

But I’m still a nomad because I’ll actually be spending a week in San Diego with one of them. And then a few days in Orange County for a conference later in the month. So yeah, it’s busy. But I’m rolling with it.

3  BACK TO THE FUTURE FOR THE FIRST TIME - So I was channel surfing with my cousin on Saturday and one of the greatest movies of all time started: Back to the Future.  

Little tidbit about my family back home: we watch the Back to the Future trilogy on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, we’ll most likely stop to watch it and quote as we go along. It’s basically a Chang family tradition.

To my absolute shock, my 15-year-old cousin states “I don’t watch old movies - I’ve never seen this before.” But I made him watch it with me. Ridiculousness. So I sent this text message to my youngest brother - his reply is priceless.

4  WHILE IN SAN DIEGO I’LL BE HANGING OUT WITH AWESOME PEOPLE - Obviously a week with my cousin, Ciara, will be amazing. But I will also have the pleasure of hanging out with some old Teen Mania friends. I’m really excited to catch up with them and find out about all the good things happening in life.

Excited to see these faces:

5  ON A SERIOUS NOTE, MY GRANDMOTHER PASSED AWAY YESTERDAY- I’ve been kind of in a quiet spirit for a day or so because of this. Because this is actually a grandmother that I grew up with, who took care of me, who walked me to school when I was little. 

I really wish I knew how to speak filipino in order to talk to her fully. I would love to hear stories of my mom when she was little. Language barriers suck. I really wish she taught me how to make Lumpia.

She’s been sick for awhile, but I’m so glad we had a big birthday blowout in early January. Everyone was there and we celebrated her. We love you, Lola.

Seriously … where did all these cousins come from?

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