5 Things Tuesday

Hi friends.  Sorry it took me awhile to get this up … it’s been a busy weekend!  I’m just now getting caught up.  Anyways, here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on in life:

1  MY DAD TURNED 50 - This weekend was my dad’s 50th birthday, and since it’s pretty much a milestone celebration I flew out.  It was fun surprising him along with all his friends at one of his favorite pizza places.

I love the fact that he’s wearing this birthday hat.  He’d only wear it after a few rounds of alcohol (that’s what is in the pail).  I’m just happy to get a picture - he looks like a wizard!!

2  APPARENTLY I ONLY READ WHEN I TRAVEL - Being able to fly home for birthdays is awesome.  I kind of have this routine of buying a Lucky Magazine and some candy to pass the time when traveling.  And I usually knock out a book.  I mean really - what am I supposed to be doing during the flight?

Anyways, I was able to get through Dave Ramsey’s “Entreleadership” and start Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” A little bit of business, a little bit of a humorous memoir.  To balance things out.  Obviously.

I don’t know about you, but I can totally hear their voices as I read.  Maybe it’s because I listen to Dave’s podcast and watch The Office a lot.  It’s kind of weird, but cool.  Anyways, I’m almost done with the Mindy Kaling book, and I have a new one on deck.  I forgot how much I actually like reading.  Weird.

3  MOLLS IS FOLLOWING ME ON INSTAGRAM - So craziest thing … I almost sort of freaked out.  Molly McAleer is following me on Instagram.  No big deal, right?  She’s just 1/3 of Hello Giggles, a famous blogger here in LA, and a writer for Two Broke Girls.

It’s just weird to me because she has this huge following, but she is following me on Instagram.  So weird.  But kind of awesome.  She’s like BFF with Zooey Deschanel - who stars in one of my favorite movies (500 days) and new favorite TV show (New Girl).  It’s just crazy.  Small world.

4  SKYPE DATES WITH AWESOME PEOPLE - Last week I had the opportunity to Skype with some of my favorite people in the world - Ryan and Luci!  We talked about life, music, career, family (they have two kiddos who are beautiful and growing way too fast) … I’m so happy to have talked to them.  Luci might come out to visit since her brother is opening up a club here.  That would be awesome.  We get a little crazy sometimes when we get together.  

Anyways - I like them a lot.  Can’t wait til I see them again some day.

5  750 WORDS, NEW MUSIC, AND SOME NIGHTS - I signed up for a writing challenge in February to write 750 words each morning and I won!  Apparently it’s supposed to be really good to wake up each morning and free write three pages.  It helps you unload your brain and get the day started.  They took that concept and changed it to 750 words.  So each morning through the month of February I wrote.  About everything.  And left the typos.  Sometimes I made no sense, but I wrote.

And since I finished my challenge, I allowed myself to buy some music on iTunes.  Boom.  Winning.  And my favorite of the music picks is by far “Some Nights” by fun.  It is so happy and peppy and sort of musical-like but with a few peppered in F-Bombs.  But I still like it.  

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