5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends! I’m stopping in the middle of my CRAZY workday to deliver you some 5 Things Tuesday goodness in a somewhat timely fashion. I know you’re all proud of me :)

Anyways - today is a special 5TT because we’re actually celebrating one full year of weekly Jo Updates! Apparently I started this series on May 4th of last year, kicking it off with bikes, a movie trailer, bows, running 100 miles, and Ray Bans.  

But enough of that, here’s what’s happening now:

1  BUSY WEEKENDS WITH LUCI - My friend Luci came from Nashville this weekend to attend the Indie Music Awards. Not only did she win both awards she was nominated for, she also wore this killer hot dress that she designed and made herself. Say what?!  Yeah. She’s mad talented.

We got all dolled up, walked on a six foot red carpet, took pictures and then hung out with the coolest people ever. I like meeting new people - it was interesting meeting people in Luci’s music circle.  It’s totally not something I’m familiar with, but I love seeing things going well for my friends.

2  NEW ROOMMATES - After a month of being a nomad, I’m officially moved in with the new roommates and back in the LA area. It’s nice to unpack all my goods and let them all have their place. Feels more like home. And I’m rooming with two awesome girls from my community group. I’m really excited to be in good company!

3  I’VE BEEN FLYING THROUGH HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - And I love that show. Just started season 7 and it makes my heart happy. That’s all. Thank you Netflix for letting me catch up on such a great show and thank you writers for doing something hilarious and heartwarming in a new and creative way.

I was trying to find a good clip of Marshall trying to leap off the roof b/c I think that’s hilarious, but I can’t find one. But I think that’s my favorite scene.

4  STARBUCKS HAPPY HOUR IS THIS WEEK - Go get yourself some half priced coffee goods between the lovely hours of 3-5 PM!

5  GIVEAWAYS - I’ve thought about doing giveaways since I’m celebrating one year of 5TT. Right now it’s just ideas floating in my head, but I’m thinking maybe some really awesome Urban Rain Magnet Sets and/or a Cookie Package in the mail … something along those lines.  

I’ll probably have more details later on that, but yes. We’ll have some fun with this.  

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