5 Things Tuesday

1  NO INTERNET ALL LAST WEEK - So last week was a little stretching, mainly because I didn’t have internet at home.  There was a modem hiccup and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to work.  So everyday I had to walk to the nearby Starbucks in order to do my work.  I’m really grateful for that monthly coffee allowance they give us even moreso now.  

Anyways - I tried to be very mindful of the time I spent online.  Allotting what I needed the internet for once I got there, and then just holding off on watching my TV shows until later.  So instead I read a lot.  Which is really good.  Finished Quitter … working through Mockingjay.  I’m kind of excited for this momentum I have from reading.   

Time well spent.  But I’ll be happy to have the interwebz at home again.  Please & TY.

2  GRADUATION WEEKEND // UC BERKLEY EDITION - This weekend I hopped on a plane to North Cal to visit my cousin for her college graduation.  Let me just tell you, sitting through 3200 names being called … wow.  The things you do for family :)

But that’s OK.  Got a mad tan.  Read like 18 chapters of Mockingjay.  And then caught up with family while I was up there.  I’m really liking this catching-up-with-cousins thing.  It’s kind of nice.

We ate a lot of Chinese food and had some down time.  The good thing about sharing DNA with these people is that they like low key afternoons just like me.  It was awesome.

3  HIMYM & ONCE UPON A TIME - I’m not going to lie about my immediate notion to watch TV once I got to my cousin’s house.  Finale season is already sneaking up!  I had a lot of family time in there, so I really only had time for HIMYM and Once Upon a Time.

As soon as I got done I really wanted to talk to people about it, but my cousins don’t watch TV.  School has jeopardized their TV time.  I remember that … I’m so glad I’m done with school.

Anyways - what are your thoughts??  Did you watch the shows?

4  PLANE CRASH - On a much more serious note, there was a plane crash this past Friday that contained passengers who were all ORU or Teen Mania alumni/staff.  Of the five people on board, 3 died on impact.  The other two were able to get out but suffered severe burns and were flighted to nearby hospitals.

This video captures the story better than I can:

5  A HERO & A SURVIVOR - I remember getting a text message to pray.  Hannah Luce is the daughter of Ron Luce (TM’s president and also one of ORU’s Trustees).  And all over Facebook all you can see are updates and prayer reports.  

It’s definitely a tragedy.  To lose 4 people so unexpectedly like that.  And then there’s Hannah with burns on 28% of her body.  We’re all praying for her healing and strength for all the families during this time.  

It’s just heartbreaking because it’s so close to home.  It’s people who were part of Teen Mania and ORU.  The two places I was part of for 9 years of my life.  Some of them just graduated.  Like last week.  It’s just so sad.  My heart goes out.

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