5 Things About Jo (by Katie Avacado)

The below 5TT post (Thursday counts!) was written by one of my awesome roommates here in LA.  She volunteered to guest blog for me this week since I realized that by 11:35 PM Tuesday night that I had still not written a post.  Not only did she take the time to contemplate 5 Things about Jo, but she also found matching photos or GIF’s.  

1 JO DEEPLY APPRECIATES CHARACTER - and by that…. I mean characters that live in the fictional land of television. That she laughs with them, cries with them, talks to them and might actually have personal relationships with them. I’m not sure.

2  JO IS A FAIRLY DECENT BUILT-IN REALITY CHECK - Sometimes I talk and it’s important. Other times I talk and well…. it’s really not important at all. (It serves no purpose but to assure people that they are in fact not deaf.)Before Jo was my roommate, I had to judge for myself BUT now she does it for me. I can accurately judge the importance of what I’m saying by just speaking to Jo … here are my rules:

  • If it cause her to strike a Peter Pan pose … then its important. 
  • If she stares at you and waits … it’s important enough for her to let it pass through her realm of understanding. At this moment you need to work your angles to increase relevancy. 
  • If she starts playing a game on her phone - just shut up then. 

Its wonderful. I actually appreciate it dearly. 

3  JO HAS A DEEP APPRECIATION FOR THINGS THAT ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM - One night I woke up to find Jo sitting on the couch by herself, laughing hysterically to this Buzzfeed article. In the dark. Uncontrollably laughing. 

4  SPEAKING OF LAUGHING, JO HAS THE BEST LAUGH - She wheezes when its really funny. 

5  JO IS DECORATING OUR APARTMENT - Or will. Someday. Maybe.

All this to say … I love jo! I’ve been very blessed to have her as a roommate. She’s awesome to have for the rough times and also for the good ones.

When you want to discuss biblical philosophy or when you want to dissect the trashiness of Lyla Garrity (FNL) …

When you want business advice or want to spray paint a door with chalkboard paint at midnight (and scare Andi with the fact that both roommates are missing and the apartment is open) …

We actually share quite a lot in common. Which if you knew me - is saying a lot.

Katie Onuma is a motion graphics artist from Illinois.  You may have seen her prized work on the trailers of movies such as The Host, Safe Haven, and her absolute favorite The Hangover 3.  The nickname Katie Avacado is two-fold, from first meeting her with a cast because she slit her finger open when cutting and avacado and from the fact she makes BOMB guacamole. 

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