5 Things Tuesday

Hi.  So what’s going on folks?  Not much here really … but yeah.  Don’t forget to leave some comments and let me know what’s going on with you!!  Thanks friends :)

1  TODAY IS PAYDAY - which is awesome.  I’ve been kind of on Dave Ramsey mode and not buying anything unless I have the cash.  Which means I haven’t been buying anything.  It’s all good.  Disciplined life.  But I’m excited to allocate some money in different places.  One of which is the 2nd payment of new camera equipment.  Awwww snap.  

Hopefully the creative juices start flowing with the new gear.  Now I just need some test models.  Who wants to do a photo session?!?!

2  BLOGSHOP IS COMING TO SEATTLE - one of my favorite bloggers/entrepreneurs is coming to the Seattle area to head up an event called Blogshop.  It looks like ton of fun, full of super cute goodies, and a great opportunity to learn something new.  Not to mention - network!  

The Blogshop team has been touring all over the country and also visiting parts of Europe.  Check out the newest post about their stop in Paris.  I need to start saving up money if I want to go … they only open up the class to about 20 people.  Seriously - look at how much fun they have:

3  THIS COLD WEATHER MAKES ME WANT TO KNIT … if only I knew how to knit.  But I do know how to crochet!  But I haven’t made anything lately.  I did find this yellow throw from Toast.  My thoughts: 

  • I can make this
  • it would take waaaaayyyyy too long
  • no wonder it costs $275
  • but I do think it’s pretty
  • maybe I’ll make a scarf

Anyways - I still have scarves in my Etsy Store.  Maybe I should do a giveaway or something!  I would enjoy that.  

4  SPEAKING OF ONLINE STORES - I’m really thinking of a new storefront.  Maybe something through Big Cartel and mostly just magnets/pendants.  Those are my favorite to make.  I spent part of my weekend prepping marbles.  It’s like one part of my creative process.  I’ve had a stockpile of magazines here just staring at me.  So I went to crafting.  And with the help of many podcasts to listen to, I came up with these (you guys get a sneak peek):

5  I’M GOING TO HOUSTON FOR THANKSGIVING - and I’m super pumped!  Thanksgiving hasn’t always been the best holiday for me, but this year I decided to do something special and spend it with some good friends.  And honestly, Houston is a trip long overdue.  

I get to see these faces:

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