5 Things Tuesday

1  CALENDAR SWAP - I can’t believe we’re only like 5 weeks away from 2013. Where does the time go?! I still haven’t really even tackled everything on my New Years Resolution list. I better hustle!

Anyways, it’s almost the new year which also means it’s almost time for a new calendar. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Design Crush+ Greedy Girl, I’ll be participating in the annual blogger-wide calendar swap. Last year I lucked out with a beautiful floral one from Rifle Paper Co. I’m pretty sure this year will be just as awesome.

2  COMMITMENT RUN - Speaking of the new years and hot off my 5K last week, I already signed up for a new run in Seattle. It’s the Commitment Run 5K that a bunch of cities are doing all together on the same day. And even though my family does Gyoza Day all day, my aunt and I decided to do the run in the morning before making Chinese Pot Stickers all day long.  It’ll be a great reward for the run and a great start to the new year.  

3  TULSA - Enough talk about the new year. Let’s talk about the NOW. I’m in TULSA YO! I’m actually very excited to be here - it feels very much like home. From the southern accents to seeing QuickTrips everywhere (GAS IS $2.98 HERE - WHAT?!?!) to the beautiful autumn leaves all over the place. I seriously do love me some Oklahoma. And I definitely got me a new OU sweatshirt. It’s just right.

Not only that, but I’ll be able to spend some amazing quality time with amazing people. I’m really excited! Old college buddies, old coworkers, my random Florida friends that happened to move to Tulsa … what a blessing it is to reconnect with people. Even better - we’ll do it over great food! I’m really excited about the food.

4  THE MARATHON OF PORTRAITS - A few days ago, I kicked off my marathon of portraits. Everything from actor headshots to family portraits to kids portraits to engagement shots to blogger profile shots … there’s so many shoots lined up! 

Conveniently I can do this job anywhere, so spending Thanksgiving in OK and lining up gigs is just double awesome. Just a lot of editing to do. A lot.

5  DAD IN THE HOSPITAL - Lastly, my dad sort of had a heart attack on Thursday morning and has been in the hospital ever since. And on Monday he had heart surgery. I’m pretty sure it was a double bypass heart surgery and now he’s in recovery. It’s hard to be away when he’s going through all this, but I know he’s being taken care of. And hopefully after this marathon of portraits I’ll be able to go home and see him.

Dude. I just realized that I don’t have a lot of pics of me and my dad. This is a throwback to 2000. I look so young! My dad’s pose is so classy. I mean awkward. Yes.

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