5 Things Tuesday … on a Wednesday

Hello friends. Sorry that I’ve been totally slacking on my posts. To be honest, I was actually hanging out with some real good friends for two consecutive Tuesdays which made me completely slip on writing a 5TT post.

As much as I love telling you what’s up with me, I really love it telling friends in real life. But for those of you who I can’t have coffee conversations or Taco Tuesday with … here’s what’s been happening these past couple weeks.

1  A FEW GOOD SHOOTS - After being on photography leave for a bit (I had a short stint as a nanny that took up most of my time), I sat down and organized some shoots.

I had two recently. Both model test shoots.  And I have two more this weekend for headshots and press kits. And then I have to shoot a lookbook next week for a fashion company. 

It’s a little crazy.  But I like being busy!  Let’s hope the jobs keep coming!

model: Whitney Grimm
hair & makeup: Precious Dass
wardrobe stylist: Mary Carr
see more photos HERE 

2  I FELT A LITTLE CRAFTY CREATIVE THIS WEEKEND - Every once in awhile I have to make something. I mean, being a photographer is amazing and has this element of creativity but sometimes it’s nice to physically make something.

So this Saturday I decided to just make some magnets. They’re small and somewhat insignificant but I like them a lot. And apparently so do other people. So there’s 6 new sets in the STORE and hopefully I’ll post some more later this week.

SNL’S WEEKEND UPDATE AGREES WITH ME - Remember in my last 5TT post how I said I’m very particular about seasons and how Christmas things should be in a respective time frame? Well, SNL agrees with me! 

It’s TOO SOON.  Thanksgiving comes first!

SODA PAPER OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED LAST WEEK - My incredibly talented friend and lifetime Tres Dudes roomie finally launched her stationery store last week. Check it!

I have 8 “hello” cards ready to go … who wants a lovely Soda Paper card in their mailbox?

5   I REALLY WANT STUDIO SPACE - You guys. I really want studio space. Like for realz. It’s time to start looking and planning and budgeting for a place to really craft, create, style, and do photo shoots!

And drink coffee. And have dance parties. And watch movies. Etc etc.

Time to scout!  Who’s with me?

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