5 Things Tuesday

Hi y’all. 

It’s still Tuesday here on the west coast, so I’m going to milk it for all I can! Technically I’ve been traveling most of today and I’m sort of out of it. But yep. Back in LA. Oklahoma was great, but it’s nice to be back. I really missed my bed. 

Anyways. Here’s the Tulsa 5TT recap:

1  THANKSGIVING TRADITIONS - Last year I kicked off with a new Jo tradition of just bouncing around for Thanksgiving. After over a decade of mediocre/bad Thanksgivings, I’ve decided to go visit people instead.

Last year I went to Houston and spent it with my good friends, Bill and Christina. It was awesome. And this year I went to back to my college town of Tulsa and spent it with my other really good friends, Vince & Leighanna.

It was great to be back. Very much still the same old Oklahoma. Green Country. Simple and wide open. I also greatly appreciated the fact that things were so cheap there ($7 movies and $2.98 gas). I sort of wanted to stock up on Walmart stuff and take it back with me! 

Next time I’m totally bringing an extra suitcase just for that. 

(photo of the pies courtesy of Leighanna’s Instagram)

2  COFFEE CONVERSATIONS - Being back gave me the opportunity to reconnect with some of my old friends who were still in the area. I just love great conversations with friends over coffee or meals. Those are the best!

I got to hang out with a few favorites. Elle. Some Armor/Imago people. Even do a few photo shoots of friends and Mimi’s coworkers. But one of my favorite meetings there was having dinner with two couples that I know from my time in Florida. How strange is that?! Two people in my small group in Orlando both now are married and living in Tulsa, OK. So we all met up at Texas Roadhouse and did some catching up.

Those Texas Roadhouse rolls are the best.

3  TONS OF PHOTO SHOOTS - So I totally get to write this trip off as a business expense because I was able to fit in 4 shoots. And that’s awesome. I can’t wait for y’all to see them! I’ve been working overtime on a new site that should launch pretty soon - so I’ll let you know when.

But let me just say … doing a shoot with a handful of kids. Hard core. Almost chaotic. I don’t know how parents do it everyday. But wow. I may have to rethink these family shoots!

4  PLANNING OUT DECEMBER - We’re nearing the end of November here and I’m gearing up to make one last batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies for tomorrow. But as soon as December hits, I’m totally switching gears for holiday cookies!

Oh pizzelles. And snowballs. And I’m thinking of making a makeshift Advent Calendar for the apartment. Something fun and festive, filled with chocolate or something. And I need to plan out the Christmas cookie packages. Let me know if you want one! 

5  GIRL MEETS WORLD - Did y’all hear about this? A spinoff to Boy Meets World is officially in the works. The show is going to follow the daughter of Corey & Topanga Matthews. 

I hope they can pull it off! That show is part of my childhood. Don’t mess unless you can do it right!

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