5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends. Happy Wednesday.  

This should have gotten out yesterday but I kept getting side tracked. My roommates and I are watching Pretty Little Liars straight through from the beginning. And it’s been really interesting watching it when you know who A is.  

Anyways. Sorry for the delay. Here are 5 things going on with me:

1  I LOVE IT WHEN FAMILY COME TO VISIT - Which hasn’t actually happened much before beyond my sister visiting, but the month of October is getting a little crazy with my aunts coming to visit.

This last weekend is Aunt Mindy and my Great Aunt Goo (all the way from Taiwan).

This upcoming weekend will be the Lee’s - two sets of aunts & uncles. I’m really excited to see them, celebrate Uncle Trent’s birthday, and eat some Korean BBQ

2  BABY EDEN IS HERE - As a photographer, I have a few proud moments. Visiting friend’s houses and seeing wedding photos I shot up in their home is a big thing for me. Also, being able to still be in contact with friends and clients when they go through other big milestones.  

Marriage is a big milestone in itself, but the next big one came for two of my friends.  This week they welcomed Baby Eden Grace to the world! How exciting!

Congrats Mike & Jess!

3  RTV IS MAKING A COMEBACKSOON - I’ve mentioned before that I worked for a magazine a few years back.  Well, something you may not know is that they utilized an array of media channels over time: Relevant TV, Relevant FM, the Drop, the Podcast, etc.

Well, for you hardcore RELE-fans, you may remember R.TV. It was one of my lifelines during college. Not only did it stream awesome music videos all day, but it also sprinkled Relevant commercials all throughout (like this gem).

Well, it left for awhile but it’s coming back soon! And they’re adding all sorts of new things into the mix - including live performances, documentaries, speakers, and short videos.

Check it.

4  FAREWELL TO FINN EPISODE AIRS THIS WEEK - In a way, I have no idea why I’m still watching the show “Glee.” Must be those catchy tunes and the fact that I feel connected to the show whenever I see those concrete stair steps (they film those scenes at the school my church meets at).

Well this week they air the tribute episode to Cory Monteith. It was a shock when he was pronounced dead last summer  We’ll see what they’ll make of it. Looks like audiences will be saying goodbye to Finn just as much as we said goodbye to Cory.

I’m not going to lie. I’m probably going to cry like a frickin baby.

5  BRYAN & KATIE TORWALT ARE COMING OUT WITH A NEW CD NEXT WEEK - You should check it. And go HERE for a free download.

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