5 Things Tuesday

Hi folks. I’m so tired right now and I don’t want to do much … but I’m going to be steadfast and faithful here with my 5 Things Tuesday post. That’s how much I love you. 

Anyways. 5 Things. 

1  IT’S BEEN 8 MONTHS - I’ve been in LA for eight months now. I have no idea how or when that happened. But somehow I got here.  At times I randomly think to myself “how did I get here??” 

It’s been a crazy ride, and honestly I’ve been winging it almost the entire time. I somehow ended up with a GREAT community of people, have run into a handful of long-lost friends, reconnected with my cousins, and still have been able to make a living from working from home and doing photography. It’s so crazy, but I’m so thankful.

2  RED RIVER RIVALRY THIS WEEKEND - Since I don’t have cable at home I’ll probably head on over to Barney’s Beanery this Saturday to watch the big OU vs TX game.  I’m going to wear a bit crimson.


3   SPEAKING OF OKLAHOMA - I’m planning a visit soon to Tulsa! I’ll be spending the Thanksgiving with my good friends, Vince & Leighanna.  I’m so excited to watch some MTV The Challenge with them (seriously - Fresh Meat is a mess), have some legit Tuesday Time, and connect with some of my college/Mimi’s friends.

I cannot wait. 

4  LAST SEASONS - I’m sad that we’re kicking off the last seasons of HIMYM and Gossip Girl! Say what?! We’re finally going to meet Ted Mosby’s wife. After 8 years … finally see who it is under that yellow umbrella. Although for me, it was only a few months since Netflix helped me fly right through it.  

But I did watch Gossip Girl over the years, and I’m a huge fan of the Dan & Blair story. But who knows what will happen. Cheers to the last seasons of both. It’s almost as sad as when One Tree Hill ended. Let’s hope for great endings for both.

BTW - how crazy was that first episode of GG? Seriously, did that just happen slash Georgina is hilarious.

5  PRINT OUTS, IPADS, AND APPOINTMENTS - Things have been picking up a bit. Moreso because I’ve been doing a ton with promo and marketing. I feel incredibly busy - so hopefully it’ll help bring in more work.

But I officially bought a handful of 8x10’s and framed them (they look hot) and also got an iPad. It’s much easier to show pictures with clients that way. I did a presentation today and it felt good to actually talk to others about my work. Then I went to a printer event where I talked to other photographers and even met one that I just watched on Creative Live.  

It was so crazy to recognize him and then chat about what I remember from his workshop. But anyways. Got a few gigs lined up in the next few weeks. So that’s awesome.

Anyways. That’s the Jo Update. Have a good week, y’all! 

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