2011: A Debriefing

So I’m sitting … reflecting …

How was 2011?  Better than 2010.  That year sucked.  I mean, this year isn’t super mega awesome, but it was better.  I did some traveling.  I did some rethinking.  I got a job.  Sort of.  I work from home which is nice.  But I’m still wondering “what’s next?”  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying and embracing the NOW.  

But I’m still looking forward to the new, the next … something.  New season?  Probably.

I’m ready for it though.  Excited about the new.

Let’s take a look at the year, shall we?

* * *


Went to Texas in March (what is with my face??)

Went to Florida to shoot a wedding in May (I LOVE these sunset pics)

Went to Chicago for the Awakening Conference in August (we BEAN at NOON!)

Went to NYC for my birthday with my sister (and got to see Beth!)

and went to Houston for Thanksgiving (christina & billiam!)

* * *


Kicked it off with some mad Gyoza (delish!)

Celebrated birthdays (so many birthdays but fun times!)

Got a puppy (well my sister did … Ellie used to be SO small)

Went to dance recitals (and I may have laughed through some performances … some people should NOT dance.  but my cousins were great!)

* * *


Saw Wicked (soooo good)

Went to a few comedy shows:  Jo Koy, John Mulaney, Aziz Ansari … much hilarity!

Went to ISA … so much Asian-ness!  

Edible Christmas Cards (aka Christmas Cookie Packages … I may have eaten tons of pizelles in the process)

* * *

Well that’s pretty much it.  I didn’t even realize how much traveling I did … but yeah.  I went to all those places!  I need to plan out 2012 travels.  Any suggestions??

All in all, 2011 was a good year.  No complaints.  I’m living a blessed life.  

Cheers to a great new year!!

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