MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Video Chat Karaoke- Oscar Isaac + Kate Mara ‘10 YEARS

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I absolutely love this song. 

Last week I was able to go see a free movie screening of “10 Years” (thanks to Hello Giggles) and this song was my favorite part of the movie. Seriously. So good. It melted my heart.

And well, this version is just slightly better because Kate Mara is singing along! How cute! I love it.

Apparently Oscar Isaac wrote it especially for the film - which I happened to like a lot. It’s the story of a high school reunion and each group of friends had great stories that are told. It had quite a charming, simplistic indie feel to it. Seriously, there are good parts all throughout the movie. I really enjoyed it.  

Maybe, I’m a little nostalgic about it though. Because I had my 10 year reunion not that long ago and I had an amazing time reconnecting with some of the best people from my adolescence. So I identified with the film a lot. It just made me appreciate people and life and history more … I don’t know. That’s my mini-review.  

Anyways. Enjoy the song :)

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