MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Anchor & Braille “Goes Without Saying” (Official Music Video)

So this is how tiny our world is - the couple featured in this video are Alyce and Chris. I know Alyce because she was an intern (turned staff) at RELEVANT. They’re now engaged.

The guy who shot their surprise proposal is Parker Young, a guy I knew from the Honor Academy. He’s an incredibly talented and well-known photographer.

And Parker’s brother is part of the band Anberlin, who’s frontman is now part of a new music duo called Anchor & Braille. The other half of A&B is Micah Tawlks, another guy I knew from the HA. He was one of my favorite worship leaders. 

Not only do I love the music and photography direction in this video, I also love the fact that people I know are doing great things and are collaborating. It’s taken the notice of the likes of The Billboard 100. Seriously, how cool is that?

Ok - that’s all I got for now. Happy Monday!

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