MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: “Ok, it’s alright with me” by Eric Hutchinson

I’ve been playing around with a few different channels on Pandora and I am loving this artist … his sound and the mix of music that comes from his genre. His music sits in with the Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes, Matt Nathanson sound - which are all favorite sounds of mine.

I actually remember my first time seeing Eric Hutchinson live. It was at Cain’s Ballroom back in like 2007, opening up for One Republic. This was at the height of “Apologize” fame. I only had tickets because one of my customers at Mimi’s Cafe actually gave me his tickets. It was weird but awesome. But I definitely remember having a conversation with my friend Christina about how impressed we were with Eric Hutchinson’s music.

Anyways. I chose this video because it’s a live recording. I do a lot of acoustic videos, but sometimes live music is just better. I need to plan on going to more concerts this year.

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