MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Freelance Whales - Locked Out (Rehearsal Video)

I remember the first time I heard about Freelance Whales. It was somewhere on the RELEVANT Podcast where Jesse Carey made some sort of cheesy joke about how that’s the best type of whales to hire: freelance.  

That’s what stuck with me until I actually heard their music somewhere on the Franky episode of Skins UK.  Actually that whole episode had great songs. 

Anyways. Back to the today’s song … “Locked Out” is the first single off the band’s sophomore album that dropped earlier this month.  I love how the video features footage from behind the scenes.  

Another interesting fact is that one of the band members, Chuck Criss, is Darren Criss’ brother (Blaine from Glee).  Music runs in the family apparently.  

I guess that’s it.  Enjoy the video!

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