MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Ivan And Alyosha: Tiny Desk Concert

Do you ever have those days where you get a Twitter email and you’re like “who is this random person following me ?” but then you realize that someone you really admire follows them … and so maybe you should look into them?

That’s what happened with Ivan and Alyosha. I was like “who is this? and why are The Lone Bellow and Benj Haisch both following them? obviously this has to be something to look into.”

Not only are they a Seattle based band, but NPR has dubbed them “a band with spiritual concerns and folky twists.” Yeah. You have my attention now.

“With so many fresh-faced, sweet-voiced folk-pop bands vying for real estate in the middle of the road, the keys to standing out lie in songwriting, craftsmanship and likability. Ivan & Alyosha’s members aren’t looking to invent a new form on All the Times We Had, but they sure do come close to perfecting the one they’ve got.” STEPHEN THOMPSON, NPR MUSIC

So of course, I have to share their Tiny Desk Concert. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

It’s just so great. Enjoy!

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