MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Jon Foreman’s “Your Love is Strong” from his Spring album

Happy Monday morning.  I’m sitting in a cafe determined to get a LOT of work done but realized that I didn’t have anything ready for Monday Music Share.  So I pulled out a goodie … 

This is from Jon Foreman’s EP series.  He branched out from Switchfoot here and there with a few solo albums and also partnered up with Nickel Creek’s Sean Watson to produce Fiction Family.  But his Season EPs are my favorite.  

Anyways, this song in particular is one of my favorites.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  And I just learned something new.  This song is a sequel to a song on the Switchfoot “Oh Gravity!” album.  I did not know that.  Makes me want to read the lyrics back to back.

Maybe I will.  After I get through all this work.  Yes.

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