MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

Hi. Happy Monday.  

I was browsing around on the interwebz trying to find a good MMS and well, I just couldn’t ignore this amazingness. With it recently being JT Music Day last week and the release of his second single off the short-listed, long-tracked album … I bring you “Mirrors.”

Rumor has it that this song is about Jessica Biel. Which after watching it in its entirety, it kind of makes sense. There’s a story behind the music video between the two people. And I think that’s beautiful.

Maybe because I’m an artist or maybe it’s because my roommate is in the music industry. Or maybe it’s because I have a friend who is a very talented director. But I really appreciate story, photography direction, music, costumes, hair & makeup - everything that pulls a beautiful 8 minute track together. And the random JT dancing in the mirrors at the end. That really threw me off for a bit, but then again he likes to dance. He’s pretty much amazing at it.

Anyways. Here you go. 


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