MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: “Satisfied in You” by the Sing Team

What to say about this song. It really got me through a rough season this last few months.  

Those words. Why are you downcast, oh my soul? Why so disturbed within me? 

There’s so many times I’ve asked myself that. When I’m just a hurricane of emotions and I don’t know how to pinpoint why I feel the way that I feel.  

And to think that there’s a God out there that loves me so. And that I should remember that He’s good and that He’s wonderful. And that I shouldn’t have to worry about anything else.  

Honestly, I can probably dissect the lyrics here and would have remarks about everything because I identify with all of it. This is the season I’m in. Or was in. Or why I was absent for awhile.

I needed to rest and be satisfied in Him.

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