My goodness. I just realized that it’s been 5 months since I’ve done a “Photo Chronicles” post. I totally failed on my once-a-month goal here, good thing I didn’t tell you guys about it. Otherwise you’d probably keep me accountable about it (like you do about the 5TT posts).  

Anyways - I absolutely LOVE these photos. It was taken on Joanna’s birthday at a chocolatier place in Orlando, FL. She and Maya (both pictured in the last photo) are the wives of my former bosses at RELEVANT - which makes for awkward moments, but not really. At least I try not to think of it as awkward. Moving on, reconciliation, winning. Yes.

That’s beside the point. This picture was a small group of the women who worked at RELEVANT - which we liked to call ourselves the “Finer Things Ladies” because we like to enjoy the finer things in life. I just loved these memories because our time together was so short, with those specific women, that I want to remember it like this. 


  • The sheer fact that Hemarie had written “Don’t Judge Me” on her paper hat and found out that it was actually upside-down. Classic. That’s our Senior Marketing Manager at her best!
  • This is where I started my Asian Peace Sign phase. Totally did it ironically for this shoot, to make fun of stereotypes and such. But dude, totally rocked out in every photo after that for months.
  • This showcased some of my finer catering skillz. I made those desserts and everyone was like “WHAT?!” Yeah. I strongly considered culinary school at one point of life.  I’m really craving chocolate covered pretzels right now. And chocolate covered gummi bears.  Yes please.
  • Shots with Brandi Michelle. This is like right before her time with RMG ended, so I’m glad to have a few pics with her here.  
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