A couple years ago I worked at RELEVANT Magazine where I worked with the most awesome people ever.  It’s an anomaly of sorts, but I’m thankful for it.  (No, seriously.  Best people ever).

Anyways, November rolled around and the office started a No Shave November campaign.  Here are the before pictures.  I love it because there’s so many great memories with these guys.  From left to right:

  • Jesse being both incredibly awkward and awesome at the same time (maybe just awkward when around Tim).  He’s one of the best designers I know.  
  • Tim and his ridiculousness.  The loud music.  His loudness period.  One of my favorite moments of Tim is when he wore that ONESIE!  SO HILARIOUS.
  • Justin is one of the most talented illustrators I know … but he is so weird/funny at the same time!  He tried so hard to grow a beard - haha!
  • Ryan Hamm. If you don’t already listen to the podcast, you need to.  Because Ryan is hilarious.  There’s so many great random moments from Ryan, but one of my favorites is when he came back from Lala and wore this SoCal sweatband around the office and ran in place.  
  • Chad Michael - Chad definitely won the coolest beard award.  He had flecks of silver in there.  And he also has the raddest taste in music.  That’s probably one of the best parts of working at RM … musical influences.

Anyways.  I found these pictures in a random folder today and decided to write this up!  

I wish we had a group pic of the Finer Things Ladies (the girls at RELEVANT).  Maybe I do, I’ll just have to find it in my hard drive.  

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