So I had this grand idea that I’d blog more than once or twice a week. The follow-through … that’s the tough part.

So here I am, writing after midnight to queue up some posts. Keep things fresh on the blogosphere. For you people. Those of you who read and never comment. You know who you are! 

Just kidding.

Let’s see. Should we do a RANDOM THOUGHTS WITH JO post? Or should we try something new … like a CURRENTLY MISSING post (ie. I currently miss Drunken Monkey and their Iced Mojo Jojo’s - anybody have the recipe? I need that drink in my life.)

Maybe CURRENTLY MISSING posts would be more fitting for Twitter.

I don’t know. 

I guess I’ll stop talking now. Since this post is mostly gibberish. 

I wish I got Blockheads tonight. Oh well. Next time.

Ok bye.

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