5 Things Wednesday

Hello hello.

I am classically one day late, but oh well. I’ll own up to it. 

Here are five things going on with me:

1  BIRTHDAY GOODNESS - You guys, it was my birthday on Sunday and I got to wear a paper crown. And that was pretty much the best. And I got to eat waffles. And that’s even more best.

But what’s the greatest is that it was a low key celebration with people I love. And then I went to church. Answered a few texts. Ate some delicious cupcakes. It felt pretty awesome to keep it simple. 

It was a great day. Happy birthday me.

Don’t worry … I’m celebrating all week long. If you want to celebrate on behalf of me, you can. That’s totally allowed. 

2  FEELING PRETTY ACCOMPLISHED - I’ve been feeling pretty good about the end results of some of my big projects lately.  It’s kind of nice to officially push them off of my plate and look at them as a done deal.

I’m still waiting to see the editorial spread in IMPRESS Magazine from Sierra’s shoot. Hopefully that’ll be coming soon.

And I finally got to watch Semi-Famous (the two episodes that we filmed last year). I did all the production design for the series.

(Did you know that I do websites and production design? It’s one of my best kept secrets. Along with the fact that I can say the alphabet backwards.)

Anyways, I’m feeling pretty good about myself. 

I feel … I feel happy of myself.

3  VANCE CREEK SHUTS DOWN - Bad news bears! The infamous PNW Bridge is shutting down. Like for serious. At first it was just citations and fines. But now, they’re actually disassembling the bridge.


That’s OK though. I did it once. I’ve conquered it (to a degree). But still it’s sad. 

It’s probably good though. It was very high up and mostly not safe. But - epic pictures!

4  BROOKLYN NINE-NINE - You guys, I started a new comedy series. This show has been on my Teux-Deux for too long. And now that we have Hulu Plus (a wonderful parting gift from one of our recent house guests), we’ve been watching it on the big screen.  

So far - hilarious. Andy Samberg doesn’t fail to entertain. And neither do the rest of the cast. 

And I just have to say, Andy Samberg looks really good. It might be the haircut. Or the leather jacket/tie/badge combo. But who knows. I’m digging it.

5  GOODBYE DON PARDO - Sigh. How epic is that man’s voice. We seriously lost a legend this week. Two legends at that (can’t forget Robin Williams). 

It’s so crazy how iconic Don Pardo’s voice is. How much it’s part of SNL (and more NBC shows prior to that). And it’s overwhelming how many people loved and adored him and longed for him to say their name.

Like it’s that moment of arrival. You’ve made it to NBC or SNL. 

I was reading THIS ARTICLE on Buzzfeed and was getting chills because it reminded me how much we long for God to say our name. And He does. He calls you by name. 

And He does it lovingly. Just like Don Pardo.

Oh man. Blows my mind.

Thank you, Robin Williams, for giving so many years of joy and laughter. And thank you, Don Pardo, for introducing us to so many incredible people in the world of news and entertainment.  

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