5 Things Tuesday

Hello Tuesday friendos. I got up super early this morning for a networking meeting and now I’m kind of coffee wired. So I figured I’d knock out this week’s 5TT before I eventually have a sugar crash and nap all afternoon. That seems to be what’s happening ever since California has been stupid hot.

I really thought I left stupid hot weather in Florida. For some reason, LA has decided to be ridiculously hot for no reason.  Anyways - enough ranting about the weather.  Here’s 5 things going on with me lately:

1  BEST BIRTHDAY DINNER - This is the 3rd time I celebrated my birthday at PF Changs and I’m so happy to have done it with a close group of friends. It’s so strange to think that I didn’t know any of them six months ago, but I’m so glad they’re in my life.

I really tried to make sure the group wasn’t too big because it’s harder to have conversations across a long table. But the dinner party was 8 people and there were lots of laughs, good food, and a HUGE 7 layer chocolate cake to share.  

I posted a photo on Instagram of me and the cake and got the most likes ever. Whoohoo! I wish I could make it to the Popular Page … that’s a mini-life goal of mine.

2  I JUST DID A BALLOON SHOOT - I have this mood board on my Pinterest where I secretly want to try doing similar types of shoots. One of which happens to be a photo shoot with balloons.  

The idea seems simple enough, but I did not think through all the elements. Balloons, wind, beach, harsh sunlight, little kids that don’t want to pose … it was a difficult shoot.  But I’m still happy with some of the photos. But I definitely learned what to do for next time. 

3  I REALLY DON’T LIKE THE BEACH - Shooting on the beach on one of the hottest days of the summer was not a good idea. What was even worse was driving to the beach in my non-air-conditioned car with the windows rolled up (so that the balloons don’t fly everywhere). I seriously was DYING in my car.  

And then just being hot & uncomfortable, sand all up in my TOMS, and having difficulty with the shoot - I was miserable. It just emphasized my whole “I don’t like the beach” stance on life. 

  • I have no clue as to what to do when I get there. I get bored after a few minutes and usually leave.
  • Sand in your TOMS are just bad news bears. Actually sand everywhere is just stupid. No thank you.
  • Rocky waterfronts are really the way to go for me. Stare out at the water and then go and eat some Bread Pudding (at The Ram!).
  • 4  BEEN CATCHING UP ON MY WONG FU WEEKENDS - It’s been awhile since I’ve watched some of the Youtube videos, but I’ve been actually making an effort to watch some of WFW. This one during their tour in Southeast Asia made me crack up. Seriously, counting his fingers (at 2:12)?  Hilarious.

    5  A FEW DAYS TO RELAX & A QUICK VISIT HOME - I’m bouts to go to Portland for a few days, chillax, enjoy me a fun. concert and then go home for a bit. The birthday festivities will continue with the fam there. I’m really excited about getting some Korean Cake!  Yeah!

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