5 Things Tuesday

It’s December!  And here are 5 things going on in my life right now …

1  PINNED ON A PHOTO INSPIRATION BOARD - I spent the other night creating a separate board on my Pinterest for photo inspiration.  It really got my right brain thinking about all sorts of fun things to do for photo shoots.  Plus, it’s a great resource to give to clients for ideas.

I’ve mainly done weddings but I think I want to venture out into family or couples photography.  Fo realz.

2  I GAVE MY SITE A FACELIFT - let me know what you think.  It’s a little bit more streamlined and mature.  And I’m hoping to consolidate it with my store and photography sites that way they all look the same & hopefully all link together under the same URL.  It’s definitely a work in progress but I’m liking what I’m seeing.  

Can any of you help me out with the capital “A” in the “Ask me anything” above and the bullets?  I can’t seem to fix those two things in the coding.  

3  BESTIE DAY - it is the second annual (ZooeyD-created) BESTIE DAY!  And I only found out about it last week so I haven’t had the chance to send them a treat or find a picture of a baby panda.  But I’m so not on board with that American Girl store - they’re creepy.

Anyways.  Here is a pic of me & my besties.  Chris & Leggars.  Expect something great in the mail!

4  IT’S ADVENT - it’s officially December and there’s newly chocolate-filled Advent Calendar sitting on the kitchen counter.  I filled it out late, but at least now there’s 5 days worth of candy goodness!

Besides the chocolates, I’m trying to be more mindful about observing Advent.  Again, I’m about a week late on that too.  But I’d like to bring the whole reason for Christmas into the actual holiday celebration … I guess I have to do some planning.  Making some traditions right here.

5  SPEAKING OF CHRISTMAS, I’M BRAINSTORMING COOKIES FOR PACKAGES - a couple years ago I had a few text messages from people who wanted cookies so I sent it to them as my version of Christmas Cards.  And I sent a few extra to other close friends.  7 packages filled with homemade cookie treats.  

And well, I want to do that again this year.  I’m including Snowflake Pizzelles, Snowball cookies (no nuts for the Ellis’ package), and I still need a third one for good measure.  I’m thinking this gingerbread man might be a good option :)

Who else wants a cookie box?  Leave a comment below … I can probably pull something off.

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