5 Things This Week

So it’s almost midnight … I’m here in the last five minutes of Friday before the week ends to bring you my 5TT post. I could give you excuses for my sheer lack of follow-through, but I won’t.

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day.  I hope it was amazing and full of love.  Mine consisted of food prep for a homeless shelter, so in a lot of ways I forgot that today was anything special. 

Anyways, here are 5 things going on right now:

WINTER OLYMPICS ARE ON - So the Olympics are officially happening in Sochi and I can’t watch any of it right now. This is my life without cable.

I heard about the dire conditions of the city, the missing iconic ring, and how the Flying Tomato failed to get a half-pipe medal … but my favorite piece of commentary has been this article on Buzzfeed: The 33 People With The Best Names In The 2014 Sochi Olympics.  You guys, the comments are golden.

TVLESS TUESDAY UPDATE: I WENT HIKING - So one of the reasons I’ve been totally slacking on my 5TT posts is because I’ve been doing this thing called TVLess Tuesdays. It’s been pretty good so far. 

Not watching TV one day a week isn’t as bad as it can be, you just have to be disciplined to watch certain shows a little later.  It’s that whole marshmallow delayed gratification thing.

Anyways, my Tuesdays have been filled with other things lately.  Mostly hangout times with friends and going to the library - I’ve checked out some books but haven’t read much yet. But this week I did go hiking!

It was supposed to be a really simple 40 minute hike. But somehow on the way back my friend and I took a wrong turn. And our short hike became a two hour hike. Bah.

It was good though. Scouting new areas of LA is good. I can’t believe that was the first time I hiked to the Hollywood Sign.

DINING OUT ONCE A WEEK - Giving up TV once a week isn’t the only thing that I’ve been intentional about, I’ve actually managed to dine out only once a week for the past two months. If you know me at all, you’d realize what a big feat this is.

I mean, there have a been a few exceptions but for the most part I’ve been sticking to my guns and staying disciplined in this area. It’s not just a money thing but it’s more of a healthy living, be a good steward kind of thing. 

Anyways, it’s been really awesome. That, plus the fact that Andi has banned certain foods out of this kitchen, I’ve been forced to plan meals and make things like granola and drink more water. Is this what being an adult is like?

TRAVEL PLANNING - You guys, I’m going on six weeks here without any travel and I’m starting to twitch. I still want to explore the SoCal but I also want to plan in trips out of state. 

  • Houston. It’s stupid that I haven’t been there yet since my best friend had her baby. Issa is turning one soon. I should be there.
  • Orlando. Because I haven’t seen my FL friends in a long while and I’ve been craving Pom Pom’s for like ages.
  • And Denver. I’ve always wanted to tackle Pike’s Peak again. Or skiing. I’m totally down for a ski trip. Who’s with me? 

I’ve got to start mapping out dates ASAP.

TWO YEARS - So this past week marked my two year anniversary since I moved to LA. It’s so weird to think about how I’m even here and how much God has blessed me in such a short time.

Great people, great church, great neighborhood, great roommates.

It’s weird to think that my time in Florida was actually shorter than my time here. Crazy. So many seasons, so pivotal in many ways. But this is where I am now and it’s been awesome.

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