5 Things Tuesday … On A Wednesday

You guys should know this by now that the day in the title is merely subjective. I would love to be consistent and on time with a weekly post but sometimes time doesn’t allow it.

I’ll get better, I promise! Anyways - here are 5 things going on right now:

1  GETTING MY LIFE IN CHECK - So July marks halfway through the year and for some reason now is when I want to get my life in check.

I’m running again, which is huge. I even signed up for a 8-week running plan on my RunKeeper app. And I’m buying groceries and utilizing digital coupons. It helps to plan this stuff out … is this part of growing up? Probably so. But the saving money part is awesome!

Drinking more water is also another win. But I for sure need to eat more vegetables.

2  A TRES DUDES (VERY SLOW) MAKEOVER - Over the past few months our apartment has slowly gotten a makeover. There was something about Krissy moving out that allowed me to start decorating the living space. So we moved some furniture, bought a coffee table, created a monster-sized chalkboard, hung up some art, painted a few items, switched out the robots for bikes (it was a poster in the kitchen). 

And Katie bought a new TV. Out with the retro 90’s box and in with the 46” flat screen!  Movie nights at Tres Dudes is going to be RAD.

3  A PRESENTATION GONE WELL - Yesterday morning I had a presentation to give at my networking group. I’ve been part of this group for almost a year now and I love it. Granted I super hate 7 AM morning calls, but I love the group of people I work with. So I wanted to make sure to utilize my 10 minute window on how to sell my work. Because they are the ones who’ll be selling me to everyone they know.

And dude. It went really well. It was good to organize my thoughts on what the business is and where I want it to go. And now they’re all abuzz with helping me out.  I’m excited!

DISCLAIMERI had to create a few mockups of what advertising photography would look like, so that’s why this photo says ROXY but it’s not a real ROXY ad. 

4  SERIOUS 90’S FLASHBACKS - Recently I went to the Doc Marten storefront in Santa Monica and it brought back all these high school memories (I owned 3 pairs). And then I watched Sleepless in Seattle with some friends (on the big TV … it was glorious). And to top things off, the other night we jammed to curated Christian 90’s playlist. 

5  THE WEIRDEST BRITNEY SPEARS MOMENT IN MOVIE HISTORY - Recently my roommates and I watched Spring Breakers (not a movie I’d recommend) and we came across one of the most weirdest scenes ever. We were like “what in the world is going on??”

Not only is James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens absolutely scary, but the movie is just straight up disturbing. There’s this one random musical montage in there with a sunset serenade while the girls dance with machine guns and pink ski masks. SO WEIRD.

If you’re not into movie spoilers, don’t watch the video. But if you want to watch just this scene - HERE you go!

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