5 Things Tuesday

It’s still Tuesday in Hawaii right? Yeah - I think that totally counts.

I’ve been MAD BUSY lately. I woke up super early this morning to check out a networking group and then had meetings, work, errands, more meetings, drawing up contracts, planning. So much to do. And I’m not nearly done yet.  

Oh dear.  

Anyways - here are relatively 5 things going on with me:

1  I LANDED MY FIRST COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY JOB - I’m super pumped about this. What started off as just a casual bump-in at a Blogger Event (yeah blogs!) soon became a great business opportunity. I met someone who works at a kids clothing company and she asked about commercial photography.  

Well, we just had our first meeting last week and now I’m about to start our first project together. Hopefully this one will go smoothly and then we can proceed with more fun projects ahead!

2  A JUMP START ON MY BUSINESS - I’ve had the photography business on the back burner for awhile with the intention that I’ll get to all those details later. Well, this client has definitely lit a fire under me. Time to hustle! I’m talking to a letterpress printer about biz cards (I’m almost out!), planning on revamping the brand to include commercial work, and hoping to join a networking group soon to get some more leads.

So much to do! I don’t know how or when I’ll do it!

3  SEEKING THE ADVICE OF A PRO - A few months ago, I was able to meet Brandon Hill (a super talented commercial photographer) who moved to Seattle right before I left for LA. I really admire his work. He’s mad talented.

Anyways, I saw that he’s passing out his newest print brochure to art directors and designers. So I shot him an email and asked for a copy. And I asked him about moving from weddings to commercial - and he gave me so much advice! Like invaluable advice. I’m super thankful.  

I love that the photographers that I’ve met have been encouraging and not at all catty. It took me awhile to realize that my colleagues are not competition, but that we inspire each other with our art. It’s so cool.

4  GOODBYE PRAYER TREE - In other news, the iconic Prayer Tree at Teen Mania has been cut down. Apparently it was struck by lightning and had to be disposed of. That’s so crazy. Where are we supposed to pray now?

5  FAMILY BEACH TRIP - Lastly, my entire family is enjoying a leisurely vacation at Long Beach right now without me. Everyone in the family is there. It’s so crazy - I wish I could have come!

It would have been epic! Just like that time we all went to Korea!

Anyways, my aunt’s boyfriend keeps sending me play-by-plays. It’s quite hilarious.

That’s ok. I’m crazy busy. And I have two trips on deck - Chicago in a week and Portland next month. So I’m good :)

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