5 Things Tuesday

Hello world. It’s almost AUGUST. Which is crazy. It’s almost my birthday.  

I’m going to celebrate it the way my old roommate would - straight up birthday month.  I expect cupcakes every day. Please and thank you!  

Anyways - here’s what’s going on with me:

1  WORKING HARD FOR THE MONEY - I’ve been working mad overtime lately. Mostly because my trip to Lake Geneva/Chicago last week really got me behind. But hey, I was on a boat - and therefore, I couldn’t work. So yeah.

Anyways. I’ve been working mad hours lately. Just between SEOperks and photography and Etsy stuff. Then I’ve been out there networking and meeting people and going to craft fairs (I got to meet Danni @ Oh Hello Friend and talk to the DKNG people!). It’s been busy. 

People think that working from home is all pajamas all the time, but sometimes when you gotta get down to it - you gotta hustle. I’m out there trying to make connections and half the time I’m still brainstorming how to get all these entrepreneurial dreams out of my head and into reality. Seriously, especially after seeing Launchpad LA. I gotta jump on that! 

Anyways. I’m hustlin’. I think it’s time to get an intern. 

2  ONE DAY WHEN I FINALLY GET CAUGHT UP - I’m going to treat myself to Batman.  That’s the plan.  

My community group watched it on Sunday when I was still in Chicago, so I didn’t get to see it with them. Which makes me sad because I’m the type of person who watches summer blockbuster hits at the midnight showing. S’all good though. I’ll make it up with the Bourne Legacy.  

3  SMITHWICK’S & DUTCH BLITZ - So on Saturday I got to hang out with my Florida friends (who are actually from Indiana). We were planning on hitting up this bar in North Hollywood that serves an East Coast beer that we love. But we decided to just go to BevMo, grab a few beers, and go home to play Dutch Blitz.

I still wish we could have made it an actual Florida night by having some Yuengling, but I’m happy to have:

  • played Dutch Blitz with my good friends
  • school Danny on one of the foundational rules of Dutch Blitz - man you should have seen his reaction. It was classic.
  • Anyways. I have a deck at home. Come play with me!

    4  DINNER WITH ANDREA / WESTSIDE TAVERN - So I had dinner with my good friend Andrea and her husband on Friday night. Catching up with Andrea was great! I’m sad that she lives super far away, even though it’s still technically LA. We def need to hang out more though. It’s going to happen. 

    Ever since I’ve been in LA, all I’ve heard is this huge debate as to where the best burger in town is. Westside Tavern happens to be mentioned quite a lot - so that’s where we went.  

    Let me just say, it was a good burger. But I think Plan Check’s burger was better. 

    5  MACBOOK PRO OR IMAC - I need your input. I’m thinking about upgrading soon and don’t know which route to go. People are telling me iMac, but honestly I don’t know where I’d put it. I don’t exactly have actual office space. But it’d be good considering all the work I do from home.

    Anyways. If you had an opinion, let me know!

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