5 Things Thursday

Sorry I’ve been behind on the posts. Delivering a post on time each week should be simple enough but honestly it’s harder than it seems. And it takes a lot longer than one would think … anyways. I’ve mostly caught up on my TeuxDeux list so here goes. Here are 5 things going on with me:

1  6 MONTH MARK - This week marks the official six-month mark of me being absolutely a sole entrepreneur. I quit my job at SEOperks last December to pursue this photography thing whole heartedly and it’s time to find out how I did.

I feel like I’m about to have a SWOT analysis on myself. Back to my grad school days, except this time it’s my company. How am I doing? Um, I could be doing better. I think for the most part I was just figuring out what exactly within photography I wanted to do and how to get there and that’s been the hardest part.

Moving away from weddings/portraits and more to commercial work - I think this will be a good move. I’m ready for it. Time to reflect, debrief, brainstorm, and set new goals.

2  MY BOMB CREATIVE TEAM - Recently I came up with this idea of a fun lookbook for Eyed LA, a boutique optometry shop here in West LA. So I pitched the idea, grabbed all my super talented friends, and asked them to help me on this project.  

I can’t wait to show it to you when it’s ready!

Mad props to the entire team: Mary (stylist extraordinaire), Lisa (hair & makeup guru), Allegra (the talent), and Shawn (videographer, the girl behind the other lens), and me (the photographer).

It’s not quite ready yet, but here’s a sneak peek:

3  ENVELOPE SYSTEM - So I’ve been on-and-off again with the envelope system for awhile now but honestly speaking this month has been really good. I’ve been really disciplined in my spending and it’s seriously made a difference!

If I don’t have the money, then I just don’t spend it. And if I do have the money then I spend it wisely. 

And whenever it’s tight, the Lord provides. It’s kind of awesome. It’s seriously teaching me about faith … in a hard but good way.

Now to get my diet & exercise in check. Hmmmm where’s my running shoes??

4  BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS - This past weekend has been super busy with people’s birthdays galore! Margaritas to celebrate Jess, DJ dance parties for Ken, and water balloon fights for Katie. Yeah!

Time to start planning my birthday. Ima get me a bouncy castle. Just kidding.

5  TRAILER WATCHING - So it’s becoming normal to not have cable right? In this day and age of Netflix and Hulu, twenty-somethings are cutting out cable completely. And that usually means that I don’t see advertisements or movie trailers anymore. 

In an effort to get caught up (moreso I opened the IMDB app and got distracted) I watched a bunch of them. And now I’m excited about a few movies:

“Anchorman 2” (of course). And there’s also “Drinking Buddies” (hello - Nick Miller? A bearded Nick Miller, mind you. But yes).

But one that really caught my attentions is “The Spectacular Now” - how amazing does this look?? it’s the guy from Footloose and it’s written by the same people of (500) Days of Summer). 

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