5 Things Tuesday

Hello. Happy Tuesday.

Scratch that - Happy March Madness! It’s almost time to fill out them brackets and be glued to the TV! At least, that is if you have cable. Which I don’t. I’ll be watching the NCAA in spirit, via ESPN push notifications.

Anyways … here are 5 things going on with me right now (which apparently is all TV-centric):

THE RETURN OF TWO MTV GUILTY PLEASURES - In approximately one month we’ll be seeing the premiere of Season 4 of Awkward and the newest MTV’s The Challenge: Free Agents.

Who’s pumped? I’m pumped.

THIS WEEK IS PALEYFEST - This may be my new favorite LA tradition. You may remember me mentioning Paleyfest last year (I went to the New Girl & The Mindy Project ones) and they were awesome. Well this year, the line up is amazing and I had to jump on them. And well my sister is coming from Seattle to join me. And so are my roommates. It’s a big Paleyfest party!

Between all of us, we’ll be hitting up the Veronica Mars, How I Met Your Mother, and Pretty Little Liars Paleyfest panels. It’s pretty much going to be the best.

ALSO MAD MEN IS ABOUT TO START ITS FINAL SEASON - I’ve been straight up Netflix binging on Season 5 of Mad Men. Thank God they have all of Season 6 on AMC.com - because I have a month to finish this off. Totally doable.

But I’m excited!

There has got to be something about AMC shows … SO GOOD.

CELEBRITY PHOTO BOMBINGOK so Jon Hamm is amazing as Don Draper, but he is equally as awesome as a complete ham on everything else. If you haven’t seen him on anything SNL related, you should. Because it’s AWESOME. (My favorite has always been Jon Hamm’s John Ham BWAHAHAHAHA).

But he recently did celebrity photo bombing with Jimmy Fallon. OMG. It’s the best.


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