5 Things Tuesday

Welp. I kind of missed my Tuesday deadline but technically I’m still awake from the lingering of yesterday … so yes. Here are 5 things going on with me:

MY FIRST DODGER GAME - I got to do something totally Californian this past weekend. I went to my first Dodger Game! 

Granted, baseball is my least favorite sport to watch and I’m not a fan of any LA based teams but what the heck - as long as I’m in good company I’m down for a game. 

It was classically filled with most general of baseball elements: people watching, the wave, frozen margaritas, stadium hot dogs, etc. Good times - but I do have to say, if it has to be any team M’S ALL THE WAY!

REWATCHING SCRUBS MAKES ME LOVE SCOTT FOLEY ALL OVER AGAIN - So I like to rewatch TV shows on Netflix while I work or go to sleep (it’s great background noise) and right now I’m flying through Scrubs. I’ve seen this show many times over and it’s one of my favorites, but I do have to admit that my heart goes a little pitter-patter whenever Scott Foley makes an appearance.

Seriously. Scott Foley. Sigh.

He’s one of my earliest heartthrobs - dating back to my Felicity watching days. Hmmmm. I might have to put that on the docket to watch again. It’s so good.

SHIFTING PHOTOGRAPHY GEARS - Here are I am, yet again shifting gears when it comes to photography. It’s been taking longer than anticipated to figure out this thing. Considering there’s so many avenues you can take this career and however much you want to pursue, that’s what you need to become great at. It’s the deciding that’s the hard part. And the pursuing the even more difficult.

I’ve decided to hang up weddings altogether after the ones I have this summer. And take only a limited amount of portraits. Those types of projects don’t really make me happy.

So I’m thinking about pursuing lifestyle and fashion photography. How to get there is still a puzzle in itself, but I’m trying. Building a strong book and finding an agent are the first steps. 

So here’s hoping.

LOST MY RAYBANS - So I lost my Rayban sunglasses last week. And I’ve looked high and low for them. In the apartment, throughout my car. I’ve retraced my steps. Everything.

Ugh. I can’t find it and it super annoys me.

LA is so bright that having sunglasses is a necessity. Plus, they’re expensive and they were a birthday gift. And after 8 months of never losing them, I’ve somehow misplaced them.

I’m sad.

ON THE JOB HUNT - I think I’ve been living the self employed dream for too long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to make a real buck. Or to pay real bills, ie. student loan bills. That are coming off deferment.


Yeah. Wake up call. It’s time to buckle down and either a) really hustle and get some photo shoots coming in or b) find that waiting job like yesterday.

I chose the latter. Seems a bit more immediate.

I hope I actually have a chance of getting hired. The overqualified crap is getting old. Yes, I did go to grad school but I still have to pay for it. Please hire me. Thanks.

Ugh, it’s been an annoying few years. But their not hiring me eventually led to freelance photography. So I guess it’s not completely a horrible thing. But for now, pray I’ll get a job soon. Thanks!

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